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Making birthday desserts your self

colorful birthday cake

Birthday cakes always make the feast special, especially when made by the favorite people themselves. In the preparation you are free to decide – from fancy creations to multi-tiered pies – the birthday people will surely feel joy with their sweet gift. We provide some interesting ideas to help you organize a memorable celebration!

Birthday cakes bring joy

birthday cake colorful

Variety of birthday cakes

birthday cakes white

sweet cakes

birthday cakes red

sliced ​​birthday cakes

birthday cakes creative

birthday cakes colorful

delicious birthday cakes

birthday cakes colorful

birthday cakes pink

birthday cakes funny

birthday cakes pink

happy birthday cakes

Whether fast or skillful, whether filled or decorated, whether fruity or with chocolate filling, or even combined with each other – there are different and unique variations for home-baked birthday cakes that can quickly become a delicious piece of art. In addition, there are some useful tips and tricks and the best jewelry for pies, so that your birthday cake looks special and the end effect is safe.

What do you need for the perfect birthday cake?

birthday cakes creative

homemade cakes

homemade cakes

birthday cakes creative

Before you get to work, get some simple things you should have available – springform, eggs, sugar, flour, butter, sometimes salt. If you want to decorate the cake, you will get fruits, pearls, flower petals, etc. Of course, you need extra time and a lot of love in the cake recipe, so you can dazzle their guests with the homemade cake.

Some delicious recipes for homemade birthday cakes

Birthday cake in the form of a heart

birthday cakes pink

100 g butter melted
200 g spoon biscuits
1.5 sachets of jello, raspberry flavor for 500 ml of liquid
400 grams of strawberries
350 g double cream cheese
150 g of sugar
2 packets of vanilla sugar
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
400 g of whipped cream
Marzipan roses / shock hearts

First, mix some butter with spoonfuls. Then place the ring of a Springform exactly 26 cm. big on a cake pan and squeeze in the biscuit dough then let it sit for 30 min. refrigerate. Stir later with a cup of water, then for 5 min. let it swell and then heat, but do not boil and then let it cool again. Wash some strawberries and halve them. Then beat the whipped cream. Cream cheese, sugar, vanilla sugar and lemon juice must be stirred and mixed gently with jelly, cream also to give. Spread 5 tbsp of cream on the sponge cake, sprinkle strawberries on top and smear the rest of the cream on top. Allow to cool for about 2 hours. Remove the baking tin rim, cut into heart shape and make the jewelry according to your own taste, be it with marzipan or chocolate hearts, birthday candles or lemon balm.

Colorful birthday cake with cream

happy birthday cakes
happy birthday cakes

2 packets of light Viennese cake bottoms
2 sachets of cream pudding
1 L of milk
80 g of sugar
300 g currant jelly
400 g of cream
1 packet of cream stabilizer
colorful sprinkles
Birthday candles

First cut 3 cake base layers using a template to about 16 cm in diameter. The other three layers leave you unchanged. Then prepare the pudding with milk and sugar according to the package instructions. Warm the jelly and the cake grounds on each side with jelly. Finally, put together the same size cake layers with a little pudding. Spread some pudding on the top of the larger cake and place the small cake on top. Beat the cream with cream stabilizer and spread the cake with it. You may put candles in the cake and add jewelry to it.

Decoration Tip:

Buy jelly figurines (hearts, frogs, etc.) from the candy shop for the cake and make them really magical!

Mandarin cake with vanilla undertone

birthday cakes orange
birthday cakes orange


2 bright floors

500 g quark leaner

1 packet of gelatin Fix

150 g of sugar

2 canned tangerines (without juice)

Beaten 200 g of cream

1 packet of vanilla sugar

1 packet of cream feast

sugar decoration

First of all, lay the first ground on a cake plate and fold over with a border. Drain the tangerines and mix with cottage cheese, sugar and gelatine. When it starts to gel, fold in the cream and carefully stroke it on the cake. Put the second bottom on top. Finally, whip the cream with vanilla sugar, add whipped cream, and keep whipping. Finally, pour the cream on the cake with a piping bag and garnish with sugar.

Chocolate cake with cream
birthday cakes brown
Chocolate cake with blueberries
birthday cakes chocolate

Chocolate cake with strawberries

birthday cakes strawberries
Vanilla cake with heart sprinkles
birthday cakes colorful
Chocolate cake with chocolates
birthday cakes colorful
pineapple cake
birthday cakes pineapple
birthday cakes pineapple

Vanilla cake with raspberries

delicious birthday cakes

Chocolate cake with bananas

birthday cakes delicious

Tart with bananas

birthday cakes banana

Nutella cake with strawberries and Oreo

birthday cakes nutella

Inspire yourself and let your guests be pampered with our suggestions. Here are some more!

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