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Making autumn decorations your self – 40 wonderful concepts

DIY craft ideas autumn decoration

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful seasons. It’s true that the days are getting shorter and the evenings – colder, but the whole nature is changing and providing you with lots of wonderful crafting materials. And all you have to do is decorate your apartment according to the season! In this task we help you with 40 creative and amazing ideas for pictorially beautiful autumn decoration, which are super easy to copy. Read this post and be inspired! We wish you much success!

Decorate the apartment with autumn decoration

Autumn decoration ideas leaves paint

Autumn decoration creative ideas with autumn leaves

Herbstdeko Tinker leaves from modeling clay

Autumn decoration made with the children mask from autumn leaves

Autumn decoration made with the children crown of colorful leaves

Fall decoration tinker with the children

Autumn decoration made with autumn leaves children

Autumn decoration wall pictures leaves as a template

Herbstdeko itself make creative ideas

Making autumn decorations yourself is fun – try our ideas to convince yourself! The photos in this article may also encourage you to show creativity and create a cozy, autumnal atmosphere in your home. You do not need much for this purpose – as mentioned above you can find excellent craft materials such as chestnuts, colorful leaves, wooden sticks, branches and acorns everywhere. When gardening, a walk in the park or a trip you can collect everything necessary for the imaginative autumn decorations. It’s also a good idea for your kids to be involved in crafting – this is actually an excellent way to spend time together and have fun. You could also expand and change our manuals by trying out all the creative ideas you can think of. Have fun crafting!

Autumn decoration with leaves – creative ideas

Herbstdeko make original wall decoration yourself

Herbstdeko make your own wall materials you need

Autumn decoration wall creative DIY ideas

Autumn decoration garlands of colorful leaves wall

Herbstdeko itself make interesting wall ideas

Autumn decoration with leaves colored golden

With autumn leaves you can make beautiful wall decoration for the nursery. All you need is a few leaves from the fall foliage, a twig and a transparent fishing line. It is important that the foliage is not too damp – so you can enjoy the beautiful leaves longer, place them between two paper towels and iron each side for a few minutes, making sure the temperature is not too high. You can either keep the natural color of the leaves or dye them in tones of your choice – the Nuance Copper, for example, is simply ideal for this purpose. Use the fishing line to hang the leaves on the wooden stick. Finished!

Bouquet of autumn leaves

Autumn decoration Rose made from autumn leaves

Herbstdeko wreath itself make roses from autumn leaves

Autumn deco Bouquet of colorful leaves

With autumn leaves, you can also make a beautiful “Blumenstrau╬▓”. You need a few discolored autumn leaves that are big enough and not too moist or too dry. The red maple leaves, for example, are simply perfect for a “rose bouquet”. For each rose you need two leaves – roll the first one together by folding the top inwards to the middle of the leaf. Lay the second sheet on it, fold in the same way and attach the rose on a wooden stick. Put the finished bouquet of flowers in the living room to impress your guests.

Autumn decoration for the terrace – lanterns and pumpkins

Autumn decorate patio pumpkins

Autumn decoration with pumpkins decorating the terrace

Autumn decoration pumpkins as a candle holder

Autumn decor patio pumpkins

Autumn decor patio original lanterns

Autumn decoration original candle lanterns

Autumn decoration Vintage lanterns

The ideal autumn decoration for the terrace is the pumpkins, which also remind of the biggest festival celebrated at the end of autumn – Haloween! You can follow the Haloween tradition and cut out the pumpkins in funny shapes, or even paint, label and paint on it. Let your imagination run wild and the result will be unique. The decorative mini pumpkins are ideal for table decorations or candle holders. You can also make your own special autumnal lanterns on the terrace – all you need is a few glass jars, filled with autumn leaves, and candles or luminescent lines.

Decorate picture frames with autumn leaves

Autumn decoration Ideas photo frame autumn leaves

Autumn decoration photo frame

Autumn decoration DIY photo frame with acorns decorate

With the beautifully colored leaves can also decorate a picture or photo frame made of wood – it only needs a transparent adhesive, with which the leaves are attached to the wooden surface. Together with the kids, you can also make a funny collage or window picture from autumn leaves – look at the photos above to get more inspiring ideas!

Ideas for autumn table decoration

Autumn decoration table creative ideas cinnamon aroma candles

Autumn decoration table wonderful look

Fall decoration table living room wonderful look

Autumn decoration creative DIY ideas

Autumn decoration table of course creative ideas

Autumn decoration table candles and pumpkins

Autumn decoration table aroma candles

Fall decoration table natural look

Herbstdeko leaves from modeling mass candle acorn

Autumn decoration wreath of colorful leaves

Autumn decoration beautiful wreath of autumn leaves

With materials such as pine cones, chestnuts, small branches, aroma candles, berries, autumn leaves and decorative pumpkins you can make wonderful autumn table decorations yourself – just perfect, for example, if you have invited guests for dinner. You can also quickly and easily make a door wreath with an autumnal note. Let your imagination run wild and success is guaranteed!