Making a stone mattress: directions, care ideas and planting
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Making a stone mattress: directions, care ideas and planting

Creating a stone bed: tips and instructions

The dream of every gardener is little care work, a clean garden and a piece of exotic flair. That also depends on the ground document. Unfortunately you can not fulfill this dream with grass. But what do you say about stones? You may never have thought about that! The decision for a well-tended garden is one thing: laying a bed of stone. Your rock garden can provide you with beautiful planting flowers that are still breathtaking between the stones. With Steinbeet you also have the opportunity to use great accents in your garden: design a path to the house or a relaxation area. Variant, there are many! And all these creative ideas will be found in our fascinating picture gallery. You’ll also find helpful tips and a free tutorial that will help you create your stone bed in 5 easy steps. Treat yourself to a piece of exoticism in your garden!

Creating a stone bed: Important tips for design

Creating a bed of stones: Follow our tips for proper care

First, you should plan the garden and the stone bed very well. Here is just one rule: less is more. You do not need to cover the entire garden with stones, just set accents. Slopes are perfect for one rockery , However, the area must be well laid out. Choose a sandy-stony ground. The drainage plays an important role and it is highly recommended that the rainwater can drain well. The selection of stones should not be underestimated: bring nature into the garden with larger stones and create an alpine look with small decorative stones. And in general: a bed of stone is a bed completely covered with stones. But do not imagine very big stones, it is also about here gravel or other, small natural stones that you will find in the hardware store.

Creating a bed with stones: planting

Creating a flower bed with stones: planting a flower bed with stones

Without much care, the stone bed with the right plants can be an eye-catcher all year round. But you must choose the plants carefully. You create a natural look with grasses between the stones. Gentian or an edelweiss fits perfectly with your stone bed. Make your stone bed best in stages. Behind you use higher growing plants. Flowering perennials are also particularly suitable. Cacti give your garden a Mediterranean touch. The purple tulips will be a real eye-catcher in your rock garden!

The care

Lay out a bed of stones to create a separation between the path to the house and grass

As we have already said, the stone bed does not need much care. When it comes to plants, you need to be aware of any species, but generally they can cope with a longer dry period. The faded flowers should be removed regularly. You must also remove moss. When it comes to weeds, the stone bed prevents it, so it makes the garden look so clean. It is recommended in the spring of the soil to be improved with an organic fertilizer.

Instructions for the Steinbeet Create: Only 5 steps to the beautiful garden

Creating a stone bed: instructions

Step 1: Terrain modeling

Creating a stone bed: Instructions Step 1

Step 2: Start with the larger stones

Creating a stone bed: Instructions Step 2

Step 2: Lay out a slide

Creating a stone bed: Instructions Step 3

step 3

Creating a stone bed: Instructions Step 4

S Step 4: Now come the stones! Make an interplay of small and large stones

Creating a stone bed: Instructions Step 5

Before you begin to plant, dig out the selected area and first clear it of roots, so that there are no weeds later. It is important that you ensure some stability for the heavy stones. You can do it with gravel. Put the biggest stones down into the gravel and fill with sand. This is just a tip from us to make your stone bed more stable. The decision is entirely up to you. Get creative ideas for Landscaping from our picture gallery and let your imagination run wild! She can do wonders!

Lay flower bed with stones and plant

Create a stone bed for a dreamlike garden

Follow our tips to make sure you plant a flowerbed with stones

Steinbeet Vorgarten: Combine wood and stone when laying a bed of stone

Steinbeet Vorgarten: If you create Steinbeet, you will bring an exotic flair in your garden

Creating a stone bed will bring an exotic flair to your garden

Create a stone bed to create a recreational area in the garden

steinbeet-Creating Idea

Lay a stone bed with different stones

Create a stone bed to create a Japanese style of the garden

Creating a stone bed - Unique stones

Creating a stone bed: Combine wood and stone

Creating a stone bed: Insert large stones

Creating a stone bed: The dreamlike garden!

Creating a stone bed: Inform yourself of our tips which plants are suitable for the rock garden

Creating a stone bed front garden: Use different types of stones

Creating a stone bed on the front garden: The rock garden can be perfectly separated with wood

Create a stone bed to make a waterfall

Lay a stone bed and plant the garden with purple flowers

The best choice for the front yard is putting on the stone bed

Create a stone bed to accentuate the garden pond

Create a stone bed to build a way to the house

Creating a stone bed: Tips for the care

Create a bed of stone to create a separation from the grass

Create a stone bed to create an area for relaxation

Create a stone bed to create a dreamlike front yard

Creating a stone bed: Choose big stones for the way

Creating a stone bed: how to create a garden with an Alpine flair

Creating a stone bed: The white stones emphasize the beautiful plants

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