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Making a entrance backyard – trendy concepts and useful suggestions

How to do the front yard

The front yard is like the business card of a house, so your design is of great importance. In this article, we offer you some fantastic ideas, modern examples and useful tips to help you design the front garden. Be inspired by our suggestions and enhance your outdoor area! We wish you lots of fun and success!

Creating a front garden – a small challenge in itself

Front garden shape LED lights gorgeous look

Front yard frame flowers irises

Front yard make great ideas flowerbeds

Front garden create ideas and inspirations

Front yard framing flower beds

Front yard make DIY ideas and tips

Front yard shape house entrance

Front garden style Japanese style

Front garden landscaped with gravel sitting area

Front yard make great ideas with gravel

Front garden landscaped gravel terrace

Vorgarten Gestalten is a small challenge in itself, because landscaping in this area should not only be unique and impressive – for the neighbors and the casual street passers-by, but also with the architecture of the house and its specific characteristics. The level of difficulty depends of course on how big the front yard actually is. Here you will find beautiful and easy-care variants for both larger and smaller gardens that can serve as a model. Of course, the first important step in landscaping is good planning, so after you read the article, we suggest trying to draw a detailed outline of your future garden on a piece of paper – this way, you would be clear Get idea of ​​it. If you want your front yard to be inviting and impress with fabulous landscaping, then you should count on a variety of textures and colors. If you decide on a variety of plants, but by setting clear boundaries between the individual areas – the garden would also look well-ordered. If your front yard is a bit larger, you could also beautify it with interesting accents – such as a small pond, a plethora of flowerbeds, garden paths of gravel, trellis, etc. And for smaller gardens, the design with gravel (im Japanese style ) A super easy-care and economical idea, which also looks really good.

Design the front garden – tips for planning and plant selection

Front yard framing plants cherry tree

Front yard sculpt stones bedding border

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Front yard sculpt rhododendron

Front garden make plant diversity

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If you design the front garden, you should not only opt for flowers – the shrubs and trees are actually the backbone of landscaping, and would remain for the years to come. The only important rule is to choose plants whose size matches that of your home – the low bush trees in the front yard of a large family house look rather inappropriate. The main goal in plant selection is actually that the shrubs and trees do not leave the house completely out of sight, but hug and complement nicely, so that in the end a harmonious overall picture emerges. For example, a good idea is to plant fruit trees that are adapted to the local climate. These would not only offer pleasant shade, but also produce delicious fruits after a few years. In principle, however, fruit trees need more care compared to most ornamental tree species. You could also opt for an unusual tree. In the many gardens pines, oaks and junipers grow, why not enhance your own outdoor area with a beautiful Japanese maple? The maple has a striking, colored foliage, and is characterized by a great diversity of species – there are both smaller and taller trees. Below that you can position a bench – so you would have a wonderful sitting area in your own “green paradise”! And when it comes to picking shrubs, there are some species that look really beautiful, such as Iresinen, Keulenlilien or Zwerg-Blutpflaume. These impress with beautiful red leaves, and so you can set interesting accents. Of course, you should also leave enough space for flowerbeds. And last but not least – think about the lighting in the front yard. The accent lighting would add to the beauty of your outdoor area and create a romantic atmosphere in the evening. For example, solar lights that save solar energy during the day and shine all night are a good choice.

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