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Make your partitions come alive with wallpaper in wooden look – 5 design ideas

Wallpaper wood look

“Wood always stays alive. It grows, works and ages – like us humans. “(Frank Glenz)

Wood lives – that’s what makes it so natural and everything that touches it, reminiscent of a cabin comfort and returns everyone to the roots. But if you dream of a cottage experience at home, you should not let the wood in front of the hut, but get inside, in your own four walls. Many people have the desire to combine in their own apartment in the middle of the city, the tradition and the living atmosphere of the mountain hut with the modern design. Natural wall design is celebrating its comeback and it is already possible using the wallpaper with new patterns and varieties, such as wood look and stone look, to create your own modern cottage and bring warmth in your home. Here you can see our valuable design tips with wooden wallpapers and fall in love with the cozy atmosphere that nature creates on the wall! Tap the wood and immerse yourself in a Wonderland world where all the extraordinary decorations are allowed.

The versatile world of wallpaper in wood look – something for every taste!

Wooden wallpaper in modern decor

How diverse nature is, so numerous are the types of wood wallpaper. The classic wallpapers in wood design are wooden boards placed side by side. The range of wood wallpapers, however, is infinitely large in color and decor and can be staged in every style – from shabby chic to country style to modern minimalist design. The wooden wallpapers in soft white appear particularly simple and in a vintage look. The modern look of the vertical wooden boards in the form of a wallpaper are on the other hand particularly popular for wall decoration in the modern living room. Wall murals in a wood design with a teak look will leave you lying on your own couch right in the forest. Were the wallpapers in wood look a few years ago, especially for the decoration of the bathroom announced, they conjure today a Scandinavian living atmosphere in the bedroom, living room and why not in the kitchen. The reason – the wooden wallpapers make your home cozy and cuddly!

It becomes cuddly with wooden wallpapers!

It becomes cuddly with wooden wallpapers!

Take a look at the picture above. Suddenly it gets noticeably warmer and cuddly with you! You already have wood on the wall and you do not need to turn on the heating to heat your home. The wood design on the wall brings the warmth and the cuddling factor at home, and if you also choose these fresh colors, invite the sun in the room!

The color of the wood translates into style and comfort

Wallpaper in wood look in the living room

Whether you choose wood wallpaper in dark bridal, light oak or cream, you will achieve a certain color impression. Not just a wood tone needs to be used to give your home that cosiness and comfort. Depending on the interior design style of your home, the wallpapers in wood look can be painted in mood-enhancing colors or weathered by the time. The wall design will only look harmonious if you pick up the pattern and color in the furniture. For you, we have consulted with the furnishing experts and collected valuable design tips. Let yourself be inspired!

5 Design Tips: How do you use the varieties of wooden wallpaper and their charm in your interior?

Wallpaper wood look - design tips

Old wood tells history and lets you tell your own life story!

Wallpaper wood look in rustic

Create a sexy shabby chic with faded pastel colors

Wood look Shabby Chic style

The earth colors can be perfectly combined with a green wall or flowerpots

Holztapete Grau - interior design ideas

Whether wood, stone or other texture, the photorealistic wallpapers bring the home to life

Wooden wallpaper photo wallpaper Shabby Chic Style - Home Decor

In the end, do not forget that a lot of wood is useless if it can not light a fire, especially a fire in the heart! However, a lot of wood on the walls can create a cozy atmosphere without you having to sit by the fire. We hope you will light up your own “fire of coziness” at home with the help of our home decorating wallpapers!

Wallpaper wood look ideas

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