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Make updos your self – 6 easy directions

Updos make creative ideas

Pin-up hair is super-practical – especially for the hot summer days, emphasizing the beauty of the face, and is suitable for a variety of occasions – for everyday office look, as well as for a party or official dinner. In this post we show you how to do super fast and easy elegant updos yourself! The instructions you will find below are particularly simple and are suitable for different hair lengths. Let yourself be inspired and try out the variants that you like the most!

Make updos yourself – Banana (French Twist)

Updos medium-length hair banana

Hairstyles long hair pinned banana

Updos make Banana French twist themselves

Updos classic banana

Bridal hairstyles long hair banana

When it comes to elegant updos, the banana is a timeless classic. The hair twisted on one side looks absolutely stylish, so more and more stars prefer this hairstyle, which is also extremely easy to do. If you have long or medium length hair, you should definitely try the banana! First you divide a strand on the forehead. Brush your hair on one side and fix it with hair clips at the center of the back of the head. Next, grasp your hair as if you were making a ponytail and twist it around its axis. Finally, you should beat in the upper end of the banana, and fix the hairstyle with hair clips and spray. Finished!

Make up hairstyles yourself – Knotted Updo hairstyle for short hair

simple updos guide

Chic Hairstyles Knotted Updo

light hairstyles Knotted Updo Hairstyle

Festive Hairstyles Knotted Updo Hairstyle

Updos Short Hair Knotted Updo

This hairstyle for short hair is really practical and looks sweet and playful. First of all, to make them yourself, you should divide a strand at the top of your head, roll it up like a snail and fasten it with hairpins. Take a second strand and roll it in the same way. Repeat until your whole hair is pinned up. In the end, spray the hairstyle liberally with hairspray so that it can last longer.

Make updos yourself – high braided bun

Updos long hair

light hairstyles pinned up

Communion hairstyles

Hairstyles make plaited buns themselves

Updos simply braided Dutt

Braided hairstyles Instructions for making your own with pictures

Updated updos

This updo is an interesting combination of French braid and bun, and is particularly suitable for long hair. First, you should divide the top coat and put it in a loose braid so it does not bother you. Now sit in front of the mirror and bend your head forward. Take a strand of neck hair and divide it into three parties. To braid a French braid, first put the right strand over the middle one. The right strand should now be in the middle. Then place the left over the right strand, pick up a few hairs from the right side and add them to the right strand. Continue to braid by taking hair from the left side, then back from the right, and so on, until you reach the point where you first split your hair. Then take all the hair in a braid, and wrap it to a bun. Carefully fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

Make updos yourself – Chignon

festive hairstyles Chignon

festive hairstyles Chignon

make simple updos dutt yourself

long hair hairstyles chignon

Hairstyles long hair Chignon

If you have long or medium length hair, you should definitely try this classic hairstyle! First, tie your hair together into a ponytail. Make a hole with your fingers in the middle over the hair tie and pull the ponytail through it. Now the hair elastic is no longer visible. Tighten the end of the ponytail to give the hairstyle more stability. The hair sticking out should be pushed into the scrunchie from above and the hairstyle should be fixed with spray and hair clips. Already finished!

Practical updo for short hair

Updos make short hair themselves

Confirmation hairstyles up

Updos 2016 short hair

Updos with curls short hair

Updos easy and fast Scarlett Johansson

This hairstyle is very easy to do and at the same time looks very elegant. The only thing you should do is just pin all your hair! Insert the upper part of the necklace and fix it with hairpins, repeating the same with the back and side strands and finally fix the hairstyle with hair parody.

Neck-Dutt make yourself

Updos themselves make Dutt on the neck

Hairstyle wedding guest

Hairstyles for long hair bun

Abiball hairstyles bun at the neck

Updos Instructions Neck Dutt

Tie your hair to a ponytail on the neck. Wrap a hair tie around the ponytail, and when you pull through the last part, let the hair through only halfway, creating a loop. Then take the end of your hair and wrap it around the hair tie. Finally, fix the bun with hairpins and spray.

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