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Make-up of a bat – step-by-step directions

Halloween is coming up and you still have no idea how you want to dress up? Why not like a misterious bat that looks both sexy and scary? Do not worry – it’s not that difficult and it’s even fun. A bat make-up would certainly attract your attention and give it a finished look. Below is a step-by-step guide to making up like a bat. We have searched for some inspiring examples for you. Have fun!

How can I make up like a bat?

Bat make-up Halloween instructions

For the Make Up you only need a few simple things – many old or at least not expensive Make Ups available and a lot of creativity in make-up! Let’s start with our guide. Let yourself be fascinated!

Step 1 – Primer

bat make-up primer

First and foremost, you definitely need a primer. You should spread all over the face with a sponge carefully white make-up.

Step 2 – the body

Bat make-up interesting

bat make-up creatively

Then you need to carefully draw the body of the bat with a kohl pencil and adjust it to the bridge of the nose.

Step 3 – the wings

Bat make-up exciting

Now the wings are on it. Put the kohl pencil on the head of the bat and draw a line from the eyebrows to the temples. From the temples, draw a wavy line down to the corners of the mouth and from there to the bridge of the nose – but again with wavy movements.

Step 4 and 5 – Color and paint the body

bat make-up fast

Finally, you should color the wings using either purple, dark blue or black color for this purpose. You can, for example, paint your body in purple or pink as you like, but it depends on what color you choose for the wings.

Step 6 and 7 – Paint your eyes and select lipstick

bat make-up failed

It is recommended that you also carefully paint your eyes with the kohl pencil. Finally, you should opt for lipstick color. This should of course be appropriate to the wing color. And so you have already got a completed bat makeup!

Fancy bat make up ideas

Bat make-up exciting

bat make-up failed

bat make-up sexy

Bat make-up interesting

bat make-up creatively

bat make-up exravagant

bat make-up black

bat make-up diy

bat make-up inspirational

Bat make-up fascinating

bat make-up differently

bat make-up orange



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