Make uncommon backyard ornament your self: nice upcycling concepts
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Make uncommon backyard ornament your self: nice upcycling concepts

Fancy garden decorations make creative DIY ideas

The garden is like a visiting card of our house, so it is important that it looks beautiful. The imaginative decorations can complement the natural beauty of the plants and give the own green paradise a special charm. In this article, we’ll show you how to make fancy garden decorations yourself. Follow our creative upcycling ideas and give the old stuff a second chance. In this way, not only would you be good for the environment, but you would also impress all your friends, guests, neighbors, and even the casual street passers-by who are passing by your house. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

Make unusual garden decoration yourself: give the old things a second chance!

Fancy garden decoration make wheelbarrow yourself

Fancy garden decorations make stones decorate themselves

Fancy garden decoration itself make wooden ladder

Fancy garden decorations themselves make DIY ideas with stone

Fancy garden decoration itself make garden paths

Fancy garden decoration itself make Euro pallets

Make unusual garden decoration yourself decorate flower pot

Fancy garden decor itself make wheelbarrow flowers

Fancy garden decoration itself make the piano water feature

Make your own garden decoration is not difficult – you only need a little free time and your own imagination! Do you have a basement or attic full of old, useless things that you have not thrown away yet? Even if that is not the case, there is definitely something in your home that you can revalue – look at our photos for some inspiration. You may also be able to look for old but still beautiful looking things at the flea market. And the more unusual the things are, the more original and unusual the garden décor will be! Here we would stimulate your imagination with a few creative ideas and suggestions. Let’s start by making decorations from natural materials – these include, above all, stone and wood. Natural stone can be dyed and varnished as you like, and with it you could make whole compositions and even unusual garden sculptures yourself – the result would make your garden look better. The creative ideas with wood are even more – leaving old pipes, water wheels, barrels and other useless wooden objects fantastic decorations for outdoor use – for example, an old wheelbarrow can easily be transformed into a fairy-tale planter, and flowerpots can be arranged on the old wooden ladder. Another great idea would be to make original garden furniture, for example, from old Euro pallets – but this requires a little more time, effort and skill. If you make unusual garden decoration yourself, it is actually most important to integrate the old things into the green garden so that the result is a harmonious overall picture. In this way, you can turn even larger items into great decorations, such as an old piano and even your first car! Below we show you some really unusual ideas for garden decorations from kitchen utensils. Continue reading!

Make unusual garden decoration yourself – ideas with kitchen utensils

Fancy garden decoration made of cutlery

Fancy garden decoration make your own stove

Fancy garden decoration make pan yourself

Fancy garden decoration make DIY owl yourself

Fancy garden decorations themselves make lamps graters

Fancy garden decoration itself make teapot birdseed

Fancy garden decoration itself make table decoration terrace

Fancy garden decoration itself make a vase of grater

Fancy garden decoration itself make wind chimes

Fancy garden decoration make flowerpot

Perhaps there is hardly anything that would look fancier in the garden than kitchen utensils. With old kitchen utensils but can easily make fascinating decorations themselves, and here we give you some interesting suggestions. Do you have an old vegetable strainer in the kitchen that you no longer need? You can color it as you please and turn it into a hanging flower pot! For this purpose you should lay out and plant the sieve only with Teichvlies. The flowerpot thus made is simply ideal for the terrace, and would attractively present the flowers. And if you opt for low-growing succulents, the sieve could also serve as an impressive table decoration. And from old cheese sieves and cutlery you can make beautiful wind chimes. For example, you can easily make an owl out of the useless grater. For the eyes of the owl, you only need two lids of baby food jars, two beer mats (metal), and two large buttons. Drill holes and fix eyes with a thin wire. Finished! You could make a beak out of a piece of soft, golden metal – for example, from a soda can. At the bottom of the grater, old cutlery can be hung again using wire. See the photos above to see which outdoor decorations you can still make with kitchen utensils!

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