Make room perfume your self: DIY concepts for a pleasant atmosphere at residence
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Make room perfume your self: DIY concepts for a pleasant atmosphere at residence

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Pleasant aromas create a nice atmosphere in the apartment, where you can relax and reduce the stress. However, most of the room sprays available on the market contain a lot of chemicals, so in this article we will show you how to make room fragrances with dried flowers, essential oils and home remedies. Enjoy reading! We hope you enjoy our ideas!

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The good room fragrance should not only distribute pleasant aroma in the room, but also neutralize any bad smells – for example, from the kitchen or from smoking. However, most artificial room fresheners can not do this job – they just mix with the smell, which makes the problem even worse. Therefore, in this article, we offer you some great recipes for room fragrance with natural ingredients, which also ensures the neutralization of all unpleasant odors. We hope that you will find the perfect aroma for your apartment among our suggestions!

Make room fragrance yourself with alcohol

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A room fragrance with chopsticks for the home can be done very quickly and easily, and, firstly, we offer you a simple recipe with alcohol. In addition to ethanol from the pharmacy (you may also use vodka or other high-proof alcohol) you will need a few bamboo sticks, a small bottle of glass with a narrow neck, essential oils of your choice and distilled water. When it comes to the choice of essential oils – the possibilities are simply limitless, but you should pay attention to the good quality to get the desired result. The best way to buy oil is also from the pharmacy and get advice from the pharmacist. To make the room fragrance yourself, you should first fill the glass bottle with ethanol – for 100 ml fragrance you need about 10 ml of alcohol. Then you should add 10-12 drops of essential oil and shake the bottle well. Finally, it is filled with distilled water and the bamboo sticks dipped in it. Turn these over once and enjoy the beautiful aroma!

Room fragrance chopsticks with glycerin

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You can also do room fragrance yourself with glycerine. There are actually two variants – with and without alcohol. For the first you need 100 ml of glycerine from the pharmacy and 15-20 drops of essential oil. They are mixed in the same way in a glass bottle, which is later filled with distilled water. For the second variant, you will need 4 ml of glycerine and 60 ml of 98% alcohol mixed with 100-150 drops of essential oil. This achieves a very high scent intensity, and you can use the homemade diffuser for months.

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There are also many great recipes for room fragrance without alcohol. You could, for example, mix essential oil and vegetable oil in a bottle. Beautiful variants in this regard are orange, jasmine, lavender and rose oil. Depending on the size of the bottle, place 5-10 rattan or bamboo sticks in it, and the pleasant aroma can spread throughout the room. The orange peel on the heater or the oranges peppered with carnation are a wonderful idea for a natural scent of the room in winter – with their fragrance you can quickly get a wonderful Christmas atmosphere! Natural room fresheners for the home can also be made with ingredients that have a specific, lasting fragrance – such as cinnamon, mint, citrus, rosemary, clove. Put the chosen ingredients in a jar, fill with water and put in the fridge. If you need a refreshment of air in the room, just put this organic room fragrance in a pot and simmer it. So the room with a nice aroma will fill up quickly.

Recipe for refreshing room spray

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A refreshing room spray with lemon fragrance you could also easily make yourself. For this you need vodka, orange and lemon jellies and essential orange oil. Mix the ingredients well and refrigerate for 12-15 days. Then fill in a spray bottle and you’re done!

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