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Make nail artwork French your self – directions + 20 nice concepts

Instructions Nail Design French

The neat nails are a must for every woman. There are a variety of nail designs and colors that are new trends with pop colors and stunning decorations. For a business woman, nails are just as important, but at the same time they have to look simple and perfect. The absolute classic is the French nail design. But a successful woman has no time to visit the manicurist. Do not worry, you can make this nail design yourself at home. We have prepared a super easy manual for you. Only in 2 easy steps you will have all eyes on you! Have fun!

French Nail Design: instructions in 2 steps

Nail art French manual

The nail design French has to look super neat. That’s why you have to prepare the nails first. Remove the visible nail cuticle and file the nails with a sandpaper file. You can also remove the cuticle with cuticle scrub or cuticle remover.

Step 1

Nail art french manual step 1

For a neat look, you must emphasize the nail edge with a white paint. You can also do the pranks with a brush, but our recommendation is to use stencils. Simply peel off and stick to the nail plate so that the top edge ends where the nail starts. Then paint white salmon, let dry well and remove stencils. So easy and simple!

step 2

Nail art french manual step 2

Now the gloss comes into play. But here you have to pay attention to the skin tone. If the skin has a warm undertone, use beige lacquer. For a light, bluish undertone, take cool pink. Let the paint dry and take the clear coat for the last step. Ta-daa! They are done! A colored nail design you can make yourself analog. Just follow the instructions below!

Instructions: The French nail design can also be colored

Nail art french tutorial

Step 1

Nail Design French Tutorial Step 1

step 2

Nail Design French Tutorial Step 2

step 3

Nail Design French Tutorial Step 3

The French Nails can also match the fashion trends. The combination of simple and elegant French nails and extravagant and modern elements is really an eye-catcher! You can also do most of the examples yourself. Get ideas from our excellent picture gallery!

You can also combine the modern 3D design with French Nails

Nail art French 3D

Bring color in French nail design

Nail art French blue

An absolute trend in 2016 is the French combination between black and gloss

Nail art French Gloss Matt

With Glitter you create the elegant Ombré effect

Nail art French glitter

The French nails are the highlights in the wedding nail design

Nail art French glitter

Nail art French idea

Nail art French crystals

Nail art French black and white

Nail art French colors

French nail design

Nail art French red

Nail art French Black

Nail art French black matte

Nailart French below

Nail art French Christmas

Nail art french zebra

Nail art French lemon

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