Make imaginative Valentine's Day presents your self: three nice concepts
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Make imaginative Valentine’s Day presents your self: three nice concepts

Valentine's Day gifts yourself make the best ideas

Do you have one? Valentine’s Day gift selected for your partner? If not, you are right! In this article, we show you how you can easily make an original and personal gift for your Lieblinsperson yourself. Of course, an expensive perfume, a wristwatch or a beautiful piece of jewelry may be a good choice on February 14, but the homemade gifts are always unique and show that the person is special for you. Learn how to make creative Valentine’s Day gifts yourself to surprise your lover! We hope that you draw inspiration from our ideas, and wish you a wonderful day of lovers!

Make valentine’s day gifts yourself – creative ideas

Make DIY Valentine's Day Gifts by yourself

Valentine's Day Gifts make your own original playing cards romantic

Valentine's Day Gifts make romantic playing cards yourself

Valentine's Day gifts make great idea with playing cards

Valentines Day Gifts Make Themselves Playing Cards

Valentine's Day gifts make original DIY ideas

With our first idea you would definitely melt the heart of your lover! You should list all the reasons why you love him / her so much. You need 52 playing cards, glue, punch, ruler, pencil, ribbon and colorful paper. It is super easy: first of all, you should cut out of the paper with a ruler and pencil 52 equal-sized rechecks, which are just as big as the playing cards. Write a note on each piece of paper why you are in love with your partner. The reasons could be very different and even very banal – for example, “I love you, because you help me in the household” or “that you always fuel the car”, “that you laugh at my jokes”, “that you always me Most important is that you are honest – your favorite person will definitely appreciate that. Then glue the slips firmly on the playing cards and allow the glue to dry out a little before punching two holes in the left edge of the cards. Now lay the cards together and tie them together with a colorful ribbon or metal rings – in the end you should get something as a little book. Finished!

Make Valentine’s Day Gifts – Scratch Card Design

Make Valentine's Day gifts yourself making original scratch card

Make Valentines Day Gifts Scratch Card

Valentine's Day gifts make yourself scratch card lottery for Valentine's Day

Make valentine's day gifts by yourself. Make a scratch card

Valentine's Day Gifts Make Yourself Scratch Card Crafting Instructions

Would you like to give your loved one the gift for Valentine’s Day in a very original and unusual way? We’ll show you how to make a great scratch card yourself! For this purpose, you need colored construction paper, Fillstifte, acrylic paint, brushes, transparent adhesive film and detergent. First, you should label the card – for example, with the words “Valentine’s Lottery” and paint three big hearts below it (as shown in the photo above). In each or only in one of the hearts you write a profit – for example, a romantic dinner for two. Of course, the gift could not be material – for example, a kiss, a massage, etc. Then glue the surface of the hearts with some transparent adhesive film and mix the acrylic paint with the rinse aid in the ratio 2: 1 (two parts acrylic paint, 1 part detergent) , Brush this mixture on the foil with the brush and let it dry out. Now your romantic scratch card is ready and the Valentine’s Day lottery can begin!

Make Valentine’s Day gifts yourself – send romantic message

Valentine's Day Gifts Make DIY Craft Ideas

Valentine's Day gifts make original idea children egg

Valentine's Day Gifts Make Yourself Write Romantic Message

Valentine's Day gifts make yourself romantic message in children's egg

On Valentine’s Day you send romantic messages, and here we give you a great idea for it. You need a child surprise egg, a small photo or note with a great message, a knife and some hot water. Firstly, you should be extra careful about loosening the egg from the packaging and separating its halves with your fingers or with a knife (this requires some skill, but do not give up if you do not succeed from the first attempt). After you’ve already opened the chocolate egg, take out the toy and place your love letter or a photo together instead. Place the knife in warm water for a while, painting along the edges of the two halves, so that the chocolate melts easily. Now you should put the halves together, and again very gently with your fingers. Finally, wrap the packaging around the egg and you’re done!

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