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Make hen meals your self: inspiring DIY concepts and recipes

Make bird food yourself

Your garden is a favorite spot for pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds and other bird species, or is there a bird’s nest next to your balcony or window? Then you are right here! In this article we show you how you can make bird food yourself! If you also have children, you can realize the idea together – that would give the little ones a lot of fun , It also makes the birds good, especially in the cold season, when they can find little food outside. After you prepare the bird food, you could also make a bird feeder yourself. This is actually very easy with just a few materials – for example, you could try to make it out of an old milk carton or plastic bottle and attach it to a tree or next to your window / balcony (there are a lot of instructions on the net). We hope you enjoy our bird food recipes! Enjoy reading!

Make bird food yourself – a wonderful DIY project

Bird food itself makes great ideas

Bird food itself makes materials

Birdseed itself make materials beef tallow

Bird food make DIY yourself

Making birdseed yourself is actually pretty easy, and that requires relatively few ingredients. Beef tallow is usually a high-quality bird food because it is especially popular with all bird species and various seeds that are mixed with fat. It is advisable to inquire in advance what kind of food any bird prefers – the tits, for example, like to eat sunflower seeds, finches and chopped nuts, while herbivores prefer oatmeal, raisins, berries and insects. If you do not make the food for the little birds in your own garden, but for them in the park, you should opt for a diverse mix of seeds. A great idea would be to let the food harden in baking cups, and then hang it on trees or on the balcony using decorative cords. There are no limits to your imagination, and the best part is that the whole family would enjoy it – try it out for yourself! And how can you actually make bird food yourself? Read on to find out the answer!

Make bird food yourself – basic recipe

Bird food itself makes hearts with Ringertalg

Birdseed itself make peanut shells

Birdseed itself make bakeware

Bird food itself makes inspiring ideas

First, let the beef tallow melt over low to medium heat. It is a good idea not to use a pot to not pollute it with the sebum, but to put the fat in a preservative can and to heat in a water bath. That way, you could keep the remaining sebum in the can until the next time. So that the fat does not get too hard in the end, you should give about 2-3 EL oil to 500g tallow. The next step is to mix twice the amount of seeds – wheat bran, sunflower seeds, etc., nuts (preferably chopped), dried berries and insects with the liquid fat. Wait until the sebum begins to get a little tighter, and then fill it into containers of your choice – otherwise the still too liquid fat would run out of molds and you will not get the desired result. Finally, you should carefully remove the molds and done – now you have beautiful, homemade birdseed!

Make “food bells”: how are you?

Bird food itself makes food bells

Birdseed itself make bells

Bird food itself makes original ideas

Another creative idea is to make special “feeding bells” for titmice, nuthatches and other little birds. In this case you mix best with the tallow a mixture of hemp seeds and sunflower seeds. The mixture is then poured into a small flower pot (old coconuts are also ideal for the target), in the water drain hole a branch is inserted. After the sebum has already hardened, the flower pot is hung at the top of the branch – at the bottom, the birds would keep feeding. Already finished! It is important that the distance between the bell and the ground is at least 10cm, so that the birds can hold on to it. The food bells are just perfect for the cold season and should be hung in a shady spot. For more creative ideas, take a look at our photos!

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