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Make Halloween nails your self – 31 directions to make your personal

Halloween nails DIY ideas

Do you want to be scary from head to toe for the upcoming Halloween 2017? Then you need not only a horror costume, but the matching accessories. Every woman knows that she does not need fashion accessories and jewelery with the right nail design. Here we show you the scariest Halloween nails that will complete your Halloween costume and turn your eyes in the blink of an eye! In this post, you will not only gather inspiration, but you will learn from our DIY instructions how to make your scary nails yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

Halloween nails – which nail motifs fit the perfect Halloween look?

Halloween Nails DIY Ideas Black White Design

Your Halloween costume will be perfect if your Halloween nails match. Depending on whether your look is scary or funny, you should choose the appropriate motifs. For example, if you made a spider costume yourself, then you can choose a black and white design for your Halloween nails and decorate it with spiders. Not necessarily you should paint spiders, a spider web is much easier and also very scary. The motif is easy to do with our DIY instructions:

Halloween Nails DIY Motif – DIY Instructions

This color will make everyone envy at the Halloween party. The nail design fits very well to a zombie costume because of the green color, but a better alternative are the bloody Halloween nails. All you need for this spooky zombie look is a red and a black nail polish, as well as white or nude as a base. Check out the step by step guide to find fascinating Halloween nails for your zombie costume!

Bloody Halloween Nails – DIY Instructions

Halloween nails instructions

But if the bloody fingernails are too scary for you, decorate your nails with the Jack O ‘Lanterns. These are perfect for both a horror costume and fun ideas, such as Garfield costume. Do not like to dress up for Halloween, then it’s not an issue – the Lanterns are the perfect choice for Halloween nail design! Only with 2 movements of the brush you create stunning nail motifs. Take a look at how it works here:

DIY Nail Design for Halloween – Jack O ‘Lanterns

Halloween Nails DIY Instructions

The women who want to fascinate their friends with a sexy outfit, can combine scary motives with stones or flowers. A skull looks very nice next to a rose! The sharp shape of the nails is a must! Here you can see a nail design in purple color that looks very feminine and breathtaking!

Halloween nails with skull

… and another creative idea with color 🙂

Halloween nails design ideas

Our ideas are simply boundless and easy to paint, so scroll down to gather more creative inspiration, follow our step by step instructions and conjure all of them with a perfect nail design! Everything you need: nail polish, old pen or toothpick for painting. You are not a good painter – no worries! The nail stickers come to the rescue! They can then be easily removed and so you will be a beautiful nail design even after the scary event! Our advice – let your imagination run wild and try several of the DIY ideas below!

Halloween nails DIY ideas

Halloween nails skull design

Halloween Nails Black Gold

Halloween nails spider

Halloween nails design in red

Halloween nails spider web

Halloween Nails Nail Art Do It Yourself

Halloween Nails Nail Art

Halloween nails decorations

Halloween Nails Colored

Halloween Nails DIY Instructions

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