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Make etagere your self – 40 spectacular examples

If you have invited guests home for a festive occasion, you are welcome to offer chocolates and sweets, such as home-baked cookies or muffins. Everything tastes even better when presented in a beautiful way. You can achieve this goal with a cake stand. Of course, finished disposable stands are also available on several levels in the trade, but if you are creative and like to tinker, you can make a cake stand yourself. In this article you will find a few practical tips on the subject as well as numerous spectacular examples of homemade etagers. Let yourself be inspired!

Present the food in an elegant way

Make the cake stand yourself

Etagere original plates with golden ornaments

Etagere classic look

Etageren three models

Make the cake stand yourself

DIY original paper cake stand

Etagere original design

Etagere make porcelain plates and glasses

Etagere three stages

original cake stand made of three plates

Etagere made of porcelain

When it comes to how to make an etager yourself, there are a few variants that differ by their difficulty, the materials and the time and money spent. The etagerene, however, definitely look much more stylish than the disposable stands, which are best for events in the school or kindergarten. From antique porcelain cups and plates with playful golden motives, one can make a fantastically beautiful etagere itself, which can be used later also for example as Schmuckständer. The additional materials, such as special adhesive or metal parts, which serve to hold the whole construction, can be found in any hobby shop.

Make etagere yourself – creative examples

Etagere make materials themselves

Etagere from plates and cups porcelain

original etagere paper DIY ideas

interesting etagere DIY ideas

Etageren creative ideas to make your own

Etagere made of metal

Make the cake stand yourself

Etagere three stages

Etagere with chocolates

To make a cake stand yourself, you can simply stack plates, dessert plates, cups and saucers on top of each other. To make the stand even more elegant, you can replace the cups with beautiful furniture handles – preferably with magnificent decoration and many ornaments. You should only put the furniture handles between the plates. This is the simplest way to make an etager, but the problems are obvious – the etager looks nice, but it’s just “temporary” and the whole design is not stable. You can do it yourself if you have little time. If you want something permanent, keep reading.

Inspiring ideas for homemade etagers

Etagere themselves make creative ideas

Etagere itself do instructions

Etagere DIY

Make the cake stand yourself

original etagere ideas and inspirations

Jewelery stand Etagere

Etagere as a jewelry stand creative ideas

Etagere vintage look

Etagere of plates and glasses

original etagere with two steps

A beautiful etager can also be made from three mirrors of different sizes and two candle holders (made of glass, metal or porcelain – depending on your personal preferences). In addition, you only need special glue for glass. The basic principle here is the same as in the variant described above – the mirrors are the steps of the tiered stand and the candlesticks serve to separate them. The only difference is that you have to glue the ingredients together. To do this, find the center of each mirror and mark it to let you know exactly where the candleholder needs to be glued. After the glue has dried well, your cake stand is ready! It will certainly look aesthetic and elegant with its reflective surfaces.

Make the cake stand yourself – instructions

Etageren creative ideas DIY

Etagere DIY manual

Etagere in vintage look

Etagere originally decorated plates

Make the cake stand yourself

Etagere made of porcelain

Porcelain etagere two steps

Etageren DIY

Make the cake stand yourself

original etageren ideas and inspirations

You can also try out the classic variant of making a cake stand yourself. But it takes a bit more time and effort. You will also need: two beautifully decorated porcelain plates (one of which should be larger), a rack of your choice of choice, a drill, a ruler, a waterproof pen and washers and nuts. First of all, find the center of each plate with the ruler and place it on the underside. Then slowly and carefully start drilling the holes using the drill. Always move the cutter head slightly back and forth without lingering too long. Do not forget the goggles – your eyes should be protected from the resulting porcelain dust! It is also recommended to put some water on the parts – to cool down. After the holes are already big enough, there is nothing else to do but assemble the tier. The plates should be fastened with washers and nuts on the rack. Finally, wrap bast or cord around the rod and nuts so they are no longer visible. Finished!

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