Make classic furnishings your self and boost previous furnishings once more
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Make classic furnishings your self and boost previous furnishings once more

Vintage furniture itself make dresser light blue

Would you like to give your living room or bedroom a breath of fresh air? Choose vintage style furniture! The stylish antique-look furniture can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in any room, and is also currently in fashion. As they also cost a lot of money, we show a better idea in this article, namely how to make vintage furniture yourself and how to decorate it beautifully with simple means! The task is actually a lot easier than it might seem at first glance, and you’d be guaranteed to enjoy it. Let yourself be inspired!

Making vintage furniture yourself: modern interior design ideas in shabby style

Wardrobe Vintage Shabby Chic

Vintage furniture chest of drawers in light blue

Vintage furniture itself make decor comfortable leather sofa Sabby Chic furniture

Vintage furniture itself make console table with two drawers Shabby Style

Vintage furniture itself make bedroom shabby look

Making vintage furniture yourself is a creative idea for your free time that would bring you a lot of positive emotions! You do not need any special craftsmanship – you just have to pick the piece of furniture that you want to “restore” (or possibly buy from the flea market) and opt for a particular technique. The materials you need are not expensive and can be found in any hobby shop or hardware store. The result is certainly worth it, because the furniture in a retro look radiates warmth and comfort and would give you the feeling as if you were in your grandmother’s house. They could either decide on the whole decor in the vintage style, or spice up just a few pieces of furniture and skillfully put them into the scene as an accent. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

Make and decorate vintage furniture yourself

Retro furniture itself makes the best DIY ideas

Shabby furniture modern decor

Make vintage furniture yourself, create living room collage create free

Vintage furniture itself make up the decor in the Shabby Style vintage chest of drawers

Vintage furniture yourself make mirror cabinet cream color chest of drawers vintage

Before you decorate the selected piece of furniture arbitrarily, you should prepare and clean it well. This is best done with a damp cloth and special cleaning agent for wood or methylated spirits. Allow the wood to dry completely and sand it with fine sandpaper to make the surface nice and smooth again. For wood species such as pine, oak and mahogany it is recommended to apply a suitable primer. If you paint it in chalk paint of your choice, you would give the furniture a great antique look. Then you should allow the wood to dry out for at least 8 hours. Get the vintage effect you want by sanding the edges, corners and surfaces with fine sandpaper. If you are already satisfied with the result, paint the furniture with clear coat, protective paint or seal it with some wax. Already finished! Instead of chalk paint you could use door or window glaze in any color.

Decorate retro furniture with decoupage technique

Make vintage furniture yourself with decoupage desk Shabby Style

Vintage furniture itself make coffee table antique look retro furniture

Vintage furniture itself make writing desk look gorgeous Living room wall itself

Wall decor itself make decoupage decorate furniture

Vintage furniture by itself make decoupage technique vintage kitchen

An even simpler alternative that you can use to decorate vintage furniture yourself is the decoupage technique. This will decorate the furniture with beautiful patterns according to your preferences, and in the end they will get a great, romantic vintage look (see the photos above to see for yourself). For decoupage you can use different stickers, stickers and even napkins or wallpaper. The patterns should simply be glued to the cleaned surface of the piece of furniture and then a layer of clear coat applied to it. The specific thing about decoupage is that the images are not cut out, but carefully ripped with your fingers, so that no clear outlines are visible.

Shabby Chic furniture make with candle wax

Shabby furniture itself make instructions candle wax

Vintage furniture itself make decorating techniques candle wax Shabby Style

Crafting ideas with candle wax Make retro furniture yourself

Vintage furniture candle wax living wall build yourself

DIY vintage furniture itself make Shabby Style

Another great idea is to use candle wax. You will also need two acrylic paints – one darker (for example, dark brown or cream) and one lighter (white, pale yellow). First you should clean the furniture and apply a primer. Then paint it in the darker shade and wait until the paint dries out completely. Use candle wax to rub specific areas, such as all edges, ornaments and handles. Apply the lighter color to it, and if it is already dry, remove the wax with steel wool. So you get a subtle retro effect, which would make the “restored” pieces of furniture to ecten eye-catcher.

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