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Make Christmas stars – artistic ornament for probably the most stunning celebration

Make Christmas stars for a nice party

Christmas is the best party of the year, because it is a cozy family party with many gifts. The family meets under the Christmas tree and celebrates the birth of the Christ Child. It is cooked together and great Christmas sweets n and dishes prepared. In preparation, cookies are baked and Christmas decorations are made. Everywhere you hear Christmas music, it smells of gingerbread, candles are lit and it is extremely comfortable and pleasant. Especially the children are happy about the many Gifts , making Christmas stars, playing games, singing and having the whole family together.

Christmas stars tinker-beautiful decoration for a nice feast

Great idea for 3D Christmas stars tinker

To prepare for Christmas is tinkering of Christmas decoration , This employment is particularly interesting and developmental for children. Make Christmas stars or fold out of paper is always very pleasant with the family or with nice friends. The finished stars come with the appropriate dose of pride on the Christmas tree or just as a hanging decoration.

Make Christmas stars out of colorful wire

Make Christmas stars out of wire - instructions

If you have a garden and want to decorate a Christmas tree with home-made decoration, you need sturdy materials that survive the weather outside. So, no paper! If you get some colorful wire, you can make nice poinsettias out of it. For this you would need a wooden staff with 5 needles in the circle. Some wire should be left free for star hanging at the beginning. Now wrap the wire in a star shape, 8-10 times, around the needles. Then remove the star from the crossbar and wind the wire a few times around the corners that form between the star beams. So, they have a great one Christmas for her Christmas tree whether inside or outside, created.

Poinsettias with light or without – always an eye-catcher

Instructions and craft templates Christmas

Here you will find instructions with Working creatively , Paper design is entirely up to you. If you follow the steps, you will get a wonderful poinsettia.

Make a nice party

Homemade poinsettias for a nice party

With this guide, you can make poinsettias in any size and variations. They can be used both as jewelry for the Christmas tree, as well as a decoration at the gift wrap be. Of course you need paper, a lienal, a pair of scissors and the hot glue gun. Cut a wide piece of paper. Draw the points with the ruler and cut them out, so that one side is smooth along the strip and another is ragged. Then fold the paper strip into a harmonica with about 1 cm wide folds. Now take the jagged end and draw in a circle so that the smooth paper-strip side is at the center of the circle. Then glue the two ends of the star neatly together and the star is done. Choose paper and star size according to your own taste and needs.

Creative idea for tinkering with children

Make Christmas star with matches

Well, that would be something for the kids to blow out matches. To design a star like this one is not that difficult. If you have the right wiping wizard, all you have to do is cut out a cardboard star and make the simple preparations with the hot glue gun. The time for crafting becomes a pure one Fun for kids and parents, because the result should not be underestimated. From all this fun arises a fascinating Christmas decoration ,

Even sweet can be Christmas stars

Even sweet can be Christmas stars

Christmas cookies are very important for the Advent season. It is baked with children. The cookies are specially decorated and decorated to make them look more festive and give the children greater pleasure. In the air the scent of vanilla almonds, butter-speculoos, marzipan and gingerbread floats. Cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices are also a very important decoration element for Christmas, which spread their scent from the Advent wreath in the room.

Poinsettias – Quilling earrings

Quilling earrings

Thematic earrings for Christmas, you can tinker yourself, for example, if you are familiar with the Quillingstechnick. With this technique can be great decorations and Christmas Cards be tinkered.

Christmas star made of kitchen paper roll

Toilet paper rolls will turn into poinsettias

Craft Ideas Christmas – Christmas stars fold

Folding Christmas stars - instructions

Christmas stars made of wire and pine cones Tinker A Christmas star made of pine cones

The classic for Christmas

the must for Christmas

Make Christmas decorations

Instructions for poinsettia made of natural materials

Christmas crafting ideas – making Christmas stars with children
Make Christmas stars - a great children's activity

Make Christmas decorations

crafting christmas

Christmas craft ideas

make Christmas decorations - fold stars

Christmas stars craft ideas

Crafting ideas for the Christmas tree 3d Christmas star tinker

Fold Christmas star

Tinker with children

Christmas craft ideas

Tinker star gift box

Christmas stars make Christmas more beautiful

Christmas stars made of wood

Tinker 3D Christmas stars

Christmas stars make wooden skewers

Christmas stars made of corks

Christmas stars with light

Poinsettias in different colors

Fold Christmas stars

Christmas stars made of colorful beads and bells


Paper stars for Christmas must be dry

Poinsettia made of branches and with light

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