Make an ideal children occasion with the crafting concepts for youths birthday
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Make an ideal children occasion with the crafting concepts for youths birthday

Craft Ideas for Kids Birthday Ariel Party

Every child dreams of the best birthday party with friends. It is to give besides delicious things to eat and the “most beautiful cake in the world” also good mood and entertainment. The Tinkering on a kids birthday is always a very good idea and makes children happy when motivated. It is very well with the children and they can take a memory of their birthday home. Especially for a party, which is celebrated inside in a room, whether at home or elsewhere, the craft ideas for children’s birthday are a real highlight. This also has its advantages, because so the children, when the raging has reached its peak, one Create creative break , All you have to do is think about it, get crafting ideas, templates and materials. So you will certainly also create interesting craft ideas for party decoration with which you can be amazed the guests.

Crafting ideas for children’s birthday – party decoration

Crafting ideas for children's birthday - party decoration

The child is already 5 and everyone should know it. For the birthday party, you can make a number, which is a real eye-catcher. As materials you would need scissors, cardboard, something to tie, for example natural rope, a hot glue gun and tissue paper in any number of different colors. Here 3 different colors were used. So, it starts. Cut out the number from the box. Size is up to you. Here a figure with about 30/60 cm was cut out. Now is the time for that Pompom flowers , You take 5-6 layers of paper and fold it like a harmonica until you get a strip. Then tie the strip in the middle with rope and then pick out a flower. So make as many flowers as you like on the digit. Then glue the flowers on the digit close together with the hot glue gun, so that it is nice and fluffy. A step to the most beautiful birthday party is done. The colors of the cipher can be coordinated with the colors of the cake or the general party decoration.

Crowns for the princes and princesses

Birthday decoration for the guests

All girls want to be princesses and wear a crown on their heads. A children’s birthday is the best opportunity, because the girls usually appear in pretty dresses at such events and feel particularly elegant. So that all princes and princesses get a crown, you should first print out two different crown templates that just need to be cut out. Get colorful paper in the classic pink, purple and pink for the girls and other colors like green, blue, yellow for the boys. If the children are taller and can handle a pair of scissors, they could also cut their own crowns under adult supervision.

Crafting ideas for children’s birthday party for a creative break

Butterflies make the guests and take them home

Making butterflies would be something for smaller guests, who will be happy to take a butterfly from the party home. You, as the organizer, should provide some materials, the rest is done by the children. they should toilet paper rolls At least enough to get one for each child. In addition, various colorful papers, plastic wobbly eyes, various pieces of decorative bow, glue sticks and a larger punching set with flowers. You can record and cut the butterflies yourself using a template on colored paper so that the children do not need to use scissors. As a croissant, there are two 5 cm long bows, which are knotted at one end and glued to the other end on the inner side of the toilet paper roll. Everything else left to the imagination of the children. One thing is for sure, wonderful, pretty butterflies, which the little party guests are allowed to take home as a souvenir.

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