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Make a Lengthy Bob Coiffure – concepts impressed by the celebs

Long Bob hairstyles modern nina Dobrev

Do you want a new, elegant hairstyle for autumn? Then we have a super modern proposal for you – Long Bob! This haircut is very trendy today and is a real eye-catcher, that’s why many stars have decided to do it – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! We also tell you in this post what are the benefits of this type of hairstyle, and also give you a few tips that would help you to style your hair much easier and faster. We hope you enjoy our ideas! Enjoy reading!

Long Bob hairstyles – elegant, practical and variable

Bob haircut Alexa Chung

Bob hairstyle shoulder length blonde hair Rosie Huntington

Long Bob blonde hair shoulder length Charlize Theron

Bob Hairstyles 2016 Nikki Reed

Hairstyles 2016 Longhair Long Bob Nina Dobrev

Bob hairstyle long Naomi Campbell

Long Bob Blonde Nicole Kidman

As the name suggests, Long Bob (short “LOB”) is the longer version of the classic bob hairstyle, which is absolutely timeless. This haircut is just perfect for you if you want a practical and elegant hairstyle, but do not want to cut your hair too short. Smooth or wavy, to the shoulders or a little more than chin-length, with bangs or mid-pinnacles – the styling possibilities are enormous, which makes this haircut so popular. As mentioned above, this is the new trend cut of the stars – an example of this are the singer Rihanna, the models Naomi Campbell and Alexa Chung, as well as the actresses Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev. The medium length of the hair gives you the opportunity to make various impressive plaited and braided hairstyles, and the Long Bob is also easier to care for than a long mane. In addition, the hairstyle is really every woman – while the face shape and hair structure play no role at all! The LOB beautifully emphasizes the facial features – especially for ladies with heart-shaped faces. The wavy version of the hairstyle makes fine hair seem voluminous, and with a few extra color accents you could achieve an even nicer look. Read on to find out what to keep in mind when cutting so that you get the dream hairstyle!

Long Bob: What should be considered when cutting?

long Bob Victoria Beckham

Bob Hairstyles 2016 Ideas inspired by the stars

Bob hairstyle long wavy Kendall Jenner

Long Bob 2016 Rita Ora

Bob hairstyle long nuance copper red

The LOB is relatively easy to cut, but there are some tricks that help you get the most natural and modern look possible. The secret lies in the almost invisible steps that make the hair look more casual and voluminous. This can be obtained by the slight thinning of the hair in the dry state. You may also ask your hairdresser to cut your hair shorter at the back of the head than at the front, so that they fall nicely onto your shoulders. Below, we also give you a few tips on how to style the hairstyle properly, so that it looks really gorgeous!

Bob Hairstyles 2016: Looks, inspired by the stars

Long Bob 2016 modern ideas Beyonce

Hairstyles 2016 Long Hair Jessica Alba Long Bob

Long Bob 2016 Jennifer Lopez

Long Bob Blonde Straight Hair Ciara

Bob Hairstyles 2016 Miranda Kerr

long bob blonde hair Jennifer Aniston

Long Bob Blonde Cara Delevigne

Long Bob hairstyles romantic curls

You want a super elegant, smooth Long Bob? Then you should blow-dry your hair with a large round brush, use the straightener to give the hairstyle the desired look and fix it with some shine spray at the end. For a slightly wavy bob, wash your hair and let it dry in the air. If you have absolutely straight hair, you could also help with a curling iron. However, it is important that the result looks as natural as possible and not too “styled”. You can also opt for a curly bob in the style of Merlyn Monroe – this version looks super feminine and romantic! In this case, you should pull a side parting and style the hairstyle with a wide curling iron. To keep you longer, you can model the individual curls with wax and screw them in again, or spray the hair curls liberally with hairspray.

Long Bob 2016 – modern ideas with pony

long bob with pony Jennifer Lawrence

Bob haircut with pony Rihanna

Hairstyles 2016 Longhair Kim Kardashian

Long Bob 2016 Ombre Brown

Long Bob Blond Modern Hairstyles

With a pony, the LOB looks undoubtedly very chic, so we’ll give you a few tips on what kind of pony you would like best. With a narrower face, it’s best to opt for a straight pony – it would soften your facial features. The ladies with heart-shaped faces stand both a straight and a side pony, and with a round face shape, you should rather do without the pony.

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