Make a coupon and wrap it properly: inspiring DIY concepts
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Make a coupon and wrap it properly: inspiring DIY concepts

Make a voucher out of a matchbox

Choosing gifts for a birthday or other festive occasion is not always an easy task – especially if you want to be creative and pleasantly surprise the person you are giving. So, what to do? In this article you will find a great gift idea that you would certainly like – we show you how to make your own voucher or pack great! The coupon is a great alternative to traditional material gifts – especially if you do not know the personal preferences of the recipient well, and is the ideal option if you do not currently have a lot of money. Below are some original ideas for great coupon gifts, as well as some creative crafting tutorials. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

Great ideas for coupon gifts

Voucher make dinner and cinema

Make a gift coupon and pack a Christmas present

Make a coupon and pack it original

Make gift coupon Experience gift football game

Voucher make common sushions

When talking about vouchers, one usually thinks of a card of certain value (often with a discount) that can be used for shopping in a particular store – for example, bookstore, perfumery, clothing store, etc. So the person can freely choose, quite what she wants. With a voucher you could not give material things – it’s about the so-called “experience gifts” – for example, a meal together, a movie or theater visit, a trip. Having a shared experience brings many good memories, so these types of gifts are also great for family members and close friends. So that the coupon does not look too impersonal, you should pack it at least in advance pretty. Below we also give you some great DIY ideas on how to make your own voucher. Continue reading!

Make a coupon and pack it original

Coupon make common trip

Make a gift coupon as a travel suitcase

Voucher tinker and pack original box

Voucher make cinema visit

The possibilities for a coupon gift are just unlimited: from an invitation to breakfast, dinner or coffee, to attend a sporting event or a cooking class, to extreme experiences such as bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. Let only your imagination run wild, and you would certainly come up with more creative ideas! You could even tinker coupons for a bike ride or a walk in the park! For packaging, both the concrete festive occasion and the theme of the experience you wish to give play an important role. You have planned as a gift a city trip or purchased airline tickets? Then you could wrap the voucher in pieces of a world map, or tinker packaging in the form of a suitcase. Perfect motives for the travel voucher are also cars, airplanes, ships, etc. The choice of materials is simply unlimited, but the best would be the result, if you match the design of the packaging with the gift – see the photos in this post at; they could help you with that.

Make a coupon – ideas and instructions

Voucher craft invitation dinner

Voucher make Christmas reindeer

Crafts coupon and package DIY ideas

Voucher make great DIY ideas for Christmas

For example, if you would like to invite the person for lunch or dinner, it would be very original to make the invitation like a scratch card. All you need is some adhesive film, detergent and acrylic paint in a ratio of 1: 2 (1 part detergent and 2 parts acrylic paint). First, the areas that you want to hide are covered with some transparent adhesive foil and then painted with the mixture of paint and detergent. After drying, you have a wonderful homemade scratch card!

Make a voucher yourself as a calendar or notebook

Voucher make great ideas box

Voucher tinker box template

Make a gift coupon as a booklet

Make a gift coupon as a Christmas calendar

Crafts tinker Christmas tree picture tutorial

DIY coupon craft Christmas tree

If you want to make the coupon for a favorite person, you can also plan several joint activities. In this case, you can make a special calendar with coupons yourself – on the net you would find many templates on the subject. You could also make a coupon booklet containing several small coupons. You could just write the individual activities on small pieces of paper and pack them nicely into a small box (a template for printing can be found above). If you have little time, the gift of money is a suitable alternative to Gutschen. As Money as a wedding present creative packaging, and how to do it yourself Fold bank note nicely can, find out in our articles.

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