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Macrame bracelets: easy directions

Macrame is a knotting technique that originates from the Orient. So carpets, bags, jewelry, but also curtains and by and large made such things that you could use in everyday life. Macrame jewelry is particularly suitable for summer time because it is easy to carry and at the same time colorful and effective. If you feel like it, you are welcome to make such jewelry yourself. In the following, we show you in easy steps how to make macrame bracelets. Have fun!

Macrame – making bracelets is simple bracelets make creative

Bracelets make easy

bracelets knot fancy

bracelets knot blue

As mentioned above, macrame jewelery is especially suitable for the summer because in summer you wear as little jewelry as possible. Being able to tie up bracelets is a great advantage for summery heat because they are made from a cotton ribbon that will not rub off and is easy to wear. In addition, macrame bracelets in various colors and combinations can be found. Let yourself be inspired!

Materials for a DIY macrame bracelet bracelets tie easily

decorated bracelets

Bracelets tie fast

All you need for this is inexpensive and available in the shop, and that’s because – 1mm of sturdy cotton ribbon threads, connectors like shamrocks or ornaments (to suit your taste), small beads or stones for decoration and crimps to cover the knots ,

Step 1
bracelets make diy

In macrame art there are 2 types of threads, namely work threads and carrier threads. Work threads are the threads with which knots are worked out. Carrier threads carry these knots. First, start with a size “M” carrier thread. Grab this in half and pass it through the eyelet in the connector. The result is a hole that you must pull with the rest and then tighten. You should also do this with the second “M” thread on the other side.

step 2 bracelets make diy

Finally, attach one side of the thread with a tape, e.g. on a table.

step 3 bracelets make diy

Take a thread in size “L”. That’s the work thread. Place this under the center of the exposed carrier thread.

Step 4 bracelets make diy

Then take the left part of the work thread, pass it under the support threads and place it on the right working thread. Then pass the right thread over the straps and place it under the left thread. Then you have to tighten the knot.

Step 5 and 6 bracelets make diy

bracelets make diy

bracelets make diy

Step 4 should be performed mirrored. Take the right part of the thread and repeat step 4. Step 4 and 5 you have to repeat about 17 times on both carrier threads. The size is then sufficient for a wrist of a more adult woman.

Step 7

bracelets make diy

The work threads are now much shorter than the carrier threads. Therefore, summarize the work threads and put them in a “crimp bead”. The protruding work threads cut off so that only the carrier threads remain free. The result is a nice ending.

Step 8 bracelets make diy

bracelets make diy

bracelets make diy

Take the two ends of the carrier threads and form a bracelet. The two carrier threads should now be next to each other. Now place the last thread in size “S” in the middle under the four support threads and repeat steps 4 and 5 three times.

Step 9 and 10 bracelets make diy

The two ends of the work threads can be cut off. To fix them, paint the ends with clear nail polish. Now you can cut the remaining carrier threads as long as you like and decorate them with pearls according to your taste.

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If you are a creative person and value jewelry, DIY jewels are perfect for you! They like to let their creativity run wild and wear individual jewels. DIY bracelets are available in all shapes and colors, with or without jewelry, big or small. The decision is entirely up to you. Macrame bracelets was just a suggestion from the world of DIY bracelets. Immerse yourself in the world of homemade jewels with our fascinating examples and give your outfit new shine!



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