Linoleum wooden look: 23 elegant inside examples
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Linoleum wooden look: 23 elegant inside examples

If you’ve decided to freshen up the floor area at home, then maybe you’re thinking about the classic wood parquet that looks stylish and elegant. Then linoleum is the most appropriate solution for your intentions, because linoleum produces a wood-like look. Linoleum is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and enjoys increasing popularity as a natural flooring. Below you will learn more about the selection and properties of linoleum wood look. In addition, we provide you with some biased examples of how to use linoleum wood look in interior design!

Striped linoleum wood look linoleum wood look classic

linoleum wood look elegant

If you do not want to spend so much money on parquet, you are welcome to choose striped linoleum, which is very similar to wood. This cheap alternative looks particularly realistic. Since it has been possible to incorporate striped structures into the linoleum, the various companies have been producing multi-layer parquet with a linoleum layer. The clever use can imitate a linoleum wood look without resembling concrete types of wood. The main reason why linoleum is similar to wood is that the colors correspond to the actual wood color.

Linoleum wood look is elegant and cheap
linoleum wood appearance failed

Linoleum wood look cheap

linoleum wood look inexpensive

linoleum wood look imaginative

linoleum wood look gray

Linoleum wood look realistic

Linoleum wood look similar

linoleum wood look simple

linoleum wood look white

linoleum wood optics bright

Linoleum in wood look with a striped linoleum wearing course usually costs from 15 euros per square meter, with a plastic cover layer, the square meter is usually available under five euros. This affordable option is accessible to many households and also gives the apartment a particularly stylish and modern look.

The elaboration of a real wood look linoleum wood look real

linoleum wood look stylish

linoleum wood look simple

linoleum wood look modern

linoleum wood look dark

linoleum wood look tendentious

linoleum wood optics interesting

linoleum wood look announced

linoleum wood look aesthetically

linoleum wood optics creative

linoleum wood look elegant

If linoleum is offered in a wood look that depicts knotholes, for example, it is a vinyl or PVC plastic product called linoleum. This click parquet mimics a good deal of laminate, which also has a plastic surface and resembles a wood look. Linoleum surfaces or click parquet with plastic have the advantage that they show a low 10 mm body depth and, surprisingly, are sound-absorbing. These properties combined with a cheap price and elegance, create a cozy and trendy residential atmosphere in every apartment!



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