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Lilies Tattoo – 25 spectacular and galvanizing concepts for girls

Lily tattoo

When it comes to flower tattoos, it can be said that lilies tattoo takes second place, as rose tattoos are the most popular and widespread. In addition, the lily is today favored by more and more women, as their flowers are characterized by particular beauty and delicacy. Lilies Tattoos come in a variety of colors and designs, and can be well combined with other designs. In this article you will find impressive examples of lilies tattoo as well as information about its meaning. Let yourself be inspired!

Lily tattoo exudes tenderness and elegance

Lilies tattoo shoulder

Lilies tattoo back creative design ideas

original tattoos lilies tattoo

interesting tattoos blue lily

Lilies Tattoos two water lilies and butterfly

Lilies tattoo foot impressive design ideas

beautiful lilies tattoo on the foot

Tattoo lily colored ideas and inspirations

Lilies tattoos creative ideas

Lilies tattoo shoulder creative ideas

In general, the lily is considered a symbol of beauty, purity, authenticity and delicacy. But there are a number of different types of lilies – around 120, and that’s why the importance of tattoos varies. The cultural environment also plays an important role – in some Asian cultures, the white lily is a symbol of death, while in Europe and America it stands for beauty and joie de vivre.

Origin of the symbol

Lilies tattoo shoulder

blue water lily tattoo

tattoo foot lily and butterfly

Lilies tattoo on the leg

stylized lilies original tattoos

interesting tattoos lily

Lilies tattoo on the foot

interesting tattoos lily and asterisks

two interesting tattoos water lily and butterfly

Lily tattoo

The blooms of the lily impress with their beauty, but as a tattoo they can be really breathtaking. The original meaning of the lily as a symbol comes from Christianity, where the beautiful flower stands for faith and innate devotion in God. In the Catholic countries, such as France, the Mother of God is often depicted with a bouquet of lilies. In Greek mythology, the lily is associated with the goddess Hera and stands for motherhood and married happiness.

Lilies tattoo – meaning

Lilies tattoo on leg tiger lily

Lilies tattoo shoulder

Butterfly and lily tattoo on the foot

Lilies tattoo ideas and inspirations

When it comes to lily tattoo, the white lily is perhaps the most popular. She stands for honesty, beauty and loyalty. The lily in yellow is often associated with vanity and exuberance, while the orange lily symbolizes friendship and zest for life. For tattoos you prefer tiger, Easter, royal or Madonnalilien, as these varieties look really impressive. The large, magnificent lilies can look at tattoos in a particularly modern and spectacular way, but you can also opt for a more discreet one – for example, on the wrist, on the wrist forearm or at the ankle.

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