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Like Italians: make pizza oven your self with 5 steps

Instructions make oven yourself

All love pizza! We can say that without a doubt. How do you bake a tasty, crunchy pizza in Italian style? This can only be done in a stone oven. There is only one way to enjoy real pizza – make your own oven. It is not difficult, just follow our guide with pictures and bring the homemade outdoor taste of the food in your garden. Our project is relatively cheap and gives you pleasure in the summer. Surprisingly, the pizza oven can be used both in winter and in summer as a grill for delicious meat.

Step 1: With inexpensive materials you can make your own oven

Oven itself make materials

First you have to determine the size, so you make the right oven yourself. What you build depends on a number of factors including budget, location, time and of course what you want to bake – in our case – a delicious pizza. Our suggestion is to build the oven on a wooden box or pallet. In this way you can change the position in the garden. And now, what you need:

  • Sharp sand
  • fine sand
  • cement
  • 1 bucket or pot for chimney (Creative!)
  • Spades for mixing
  • 1 trowel
  • Brick (heat ideal, but not necessary)
  • to make old pieces of wood for the bow
  • Chipboard (if you are building on pallet)
  • drilling machine
  • screw
  • palette

The exact quantities depend on the size you choose.

Step 2: Build the foundation

Make the oven yourself Building the foundation

When the space is determined, you can use the instructions to build the oven yourself. You must set up the pallet correctly horizontally. If the floor being built on is not quite flat, use some leftover pieces of wood to wedge them under the pallet to raise it, if necessary. The pallet is the base of the stove and to make it even firmer, mount wooden panels on it as shown in the picture. Mix the concrete in 1: 2: 4 ratio (1 part cement, 2 parts sharp sand, 4 parts aggregate). Use the spade to set the concrete in the wooden form.

Step 3: The right building with bricks!

Oven itself make bricks

We would recommend tiling them in half, so you can have more freedom of construction. How much brick you need depends on how big your pizza oven needs to be. You can use scraps of wood chipboard to create the arch.

Step 4: How to cement proper farmer masters

Make your own oven

Cementing is achieved with a fine mixture of cement and fine sand (a ratio of about 1: 3 would be fine). Lay the cellophane plate over the base layer and start filling the plate with sand. Concrete needs to dry a few days.

Step 5: After the hard work, you can light your pizza oven

Oven itself make DIY

You have seen that you do not have to be a professional builder if you want to make a pizza oven yourself. It remains only a last step! Ignite in it fire heating the whole furnace. You will find helpful tips for cleaning your oven here , After that it’s pizza time !!! Now you can feel like you’re in Italy in your own garden. Be inspired by our examples and plan your own project to make an oven yourself. Just a step to real pizza enjoyment – delicious recipes for traditional Italian Pizza dough !

The finished project

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