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Landscaping – sensible and trendy concepts for each house

Corridor design in the Scandinavian style

When setting up the apartment, the hall is often neglected, which is actually a big mistake. Because he is actually the first thing our guests see when you enter our apartment. For this reason, it is worth taking some time for the planning and interior design of this area. In this post you will learn which are the most important elements of the corridor design, and you will get many helpful tips that can turn you into reality. The photos can also be used as a model and source of inspiring ideas for a modern and successful design of the hallway. We hope you enjoy reading and hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Hall design – maximize the available space

Hallway design white and beige bench

Hallway design modern ideas

Hallway design modern and practical Corridor design great interior design ideas Landscaping flooring original

Hallway design color accents

Hallway design practical and modern ideas Hallway design modern minimalist style Corridor design white large mirror The golden rules in the corridor design are actually good planning and organization. The hallway can either reveal the furnishing style of the whole apartment or stand out from it – with the second option you would put an original accent on this area. Of course, the design and furnishing options are really huge, but here are some design ideas that will make your choice easier. Usually there is little space in the hall – it is traditionally narrower than the other living areas. Therefore, your first task should be to make full use of the available space without making the hallway messy or overloaded with many things. For this reason, it is important to plan everything in advance – for example, to recommend a scheme to draw and express your ideas. In order to maximize the space, you could also choose functional and practical hall furniture – for example, a large built-in cupboard, or to organize the shoe cabinets and clothes stands in a clever and interesting way. But before you come to the choice of furniture, you should opt for a particular color scheme. Read on to find out which ones Color design in the hallway the best is!

Hall layout – color scheme & flooring

Corridor design color scheme Hallway design set yellow accents Hallway design stylish black and white Landscaping flooring tiles

Hallway accent wall tiles As I said, the hallway is in most cases narrow and has no windows. To make it bigger, brighter and more inviting, you should paint the walls in warm, neutral and above all light nuances. The delicate pastel shades are also very modern at the moment. Walls in pastel pink or light yellow will harmonize beautifully with a white ceiling – so this will look even higher! A large mirror would also create the illusion of more freedom. This effect can be further enhanced by installing subtle wall lights over the mirror (LED lights are a good choice). The large mirror in the hallway has another practical benefit – it gives you the opportunity to see your look for the last time before you go out. But if you have the opposite and you have a sunny and spacious hallway, the pastel shades, as well as the earthly tones are again the best variant for wall design. The black and white stripes would also look particularly elegant. For such corridors the pendant lights and chandeliers are a must. With a beautiful wall tattoo you could also set original accents. The floor covering in the hallway should in principle not differ from these in the remaining living areas (or at least in the nearby room). You could do without the carpet because you do not spend a lot of time in the hall anyway, and it will quickly get dirty from your shoes.

Select furniture for the hallway

Landscaping great ideas country style Hallway design original wall sticker Landscaping ideas in industrial style Landscaping industrial brick wall

Hallway design mirror and lighting Choose the furniture according to your personal preferences, making sure that they are decided in the same style. The minimalist style is ideal for the hallway. The hall furniture traditionally includes the following pieces of furniture – shoe cupboard, hoes, console table, mirror. If your hallway is a bit larger, you might find room for a book shelf or a dressing table with a chair. You can draw more ideas for a successful hall from our photos!


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