Knit or crochet your hat - conjure your private accent to a winter outfit
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Knit or crochet your hat – conjure your private accent to a winter outfit

Knit cap - that certain something on the head

When it gets cold outside and the days get shorter, then high time to take care of the new winter outfits. If you feel like it, you can try knitting. Warm winter hats are definitely one of the winter accessories. One is not enough, because a self-confident woman would want to have a matching cap for every outfit and occasion. Therefore, if you are not afraid to start knitting, you can knit a cap that is dyed and patterned to your liking. We have some tips and tricks for you for the best hat you’ve ever knitted. If you’ve already gained some knitting experience, you’ll be able to come up with new ideas and implement them imaginatively. A self-knitted or crocheted cap can be an absolute eye-catcher. Whether classic hat, modern beanie, cap or baby hat, there is a suitable model for all, even with the instructions. It’s not easy, but you just have to dare and start knitting. After some practice, you will create a great new hat. It is important to have good, easy-care wool, which does not become fuzzy after washing, for example.

Knitting sweet hat – instructions

Knitting cap - instructions

Winter comes slowly and creeping, outside is getting colder and everyone needs a cozy-warm hat. Often, before you buy wool, you rummage at home for leftover wool scraps that can be used for a new hat.

You need:

  • Wollreste: For caps, slightly thicker wool is particularly good.
  • a circular needle that suits the wool
  • a measuring tape
  • a scissors
  • and a thick darning needle

It is knitted in rows and then closed with a Matrazenstich.

At the beginning, a circular knitting needle size 7 is taken. For adults, this is about 55-60 times. Depending on the thickness of the wool, the number of turns can vary. Take into account that it is an even mesh count. If it’s windy, the cap should stay nice on the head, so first a cuff is knitted. The first 6 rows are knitted with one stitch on the right and one on the left. Each row starts with a right stitch. After the first 6 rows, continue knitting until the cap is approx. 21 cm long. You can only change another color at the beginning of a row. If you have already reached the 21 cm length, it comes down to the weight loss. To do this, knit every other piece together at the right stitch. The left stitches continue to be knit normally without loss. So three acceptance rounds are made. The remaining stitches are threaded on a darning needle and thus close the back with the Matrazenstich. If you are a bit practiced in knitting, you will be able to knit your hat in about 3 hours. As fast as you did not think you conjured up a great hat. The decoration may vary. A bow or flower gives the hat a bit more pep. Instructions can be found here.

Hoop loop - a decorative element for every hat

Spiral hat – a great winter accessory with crochet pattern

Spiral hat - crocheted cap Instructions

For this interesting cap you need really thick wool and a hook needle No. 8. This cap would fit on a normal woman’s head, size M. quite well. The size depends on the crochet style and the thickness of the wool.

Step 1:

We start with the first round. Place 10 half-sticks into a round marker in a string and do not close the round. Now crochet helically and instead of stabbing normally through the stitches, the back of the stick is stung into half. So the two upper stitches come to lie in front and give a knit-like pattern.

Step 2:

The first round is over. After round marking two half sticks are worked into each half stick. After 20 stitches or at the end of the round, put the marker in place.

Step 3:

Here it goes on – half a stick in the first stitch and two half in the second stitch. Mark is this time inserted at the 30th stitch.

Step 4:

The fourth round goes with half a stick in the first two stitches and two half in the third stitch. Of course, insert the mark at 40 stitches.

Step 5:

The fifth round begins with half a stick in the first three stitches and two half in the fourth stitch. At 50 stitches, insert the mark.

Step 6:

Here half a stick in the first seven stitches and two half in the eighth stitch. Here it is repeated until the mark at 56. Now it is no longer increased, but further crocheted to the desired length. For the length 18-20 cm would be sufficient without the 2.5 cm waistband. For the waistband, a thinner crochet hook No.7 can be used and worked with relief stitches. For relief stitches from back to front, take the thread by standing around the loop and piercing the crochet hook backwards. After that finish two loops on a needle and usually complete a loop. After 4 rows of relief stitching the waistband is finished and the threads can be sewn. Have fun with the many ideas for hat knitting and crocheting!

Viking cap

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