Kitchen Traits - A fast evaluation and what to anticipate in 2018
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Kitchen Traits – A fast evaluation and what to anticipate in 2018

Kitchen Trends 2018

The kitchen is currently evolving from a room designed for the mere storage and preparation of food to a space that acts as a focal point for the entire household. Accordingly, current trends attach more importance to design, aesthetics and functionality. Which styles were announced this year and in which direction the kitchen design will move in the coming year, read here.

Current trends

Industrial Style

This year the kitchen was rough and coarse – at least as far as the look was concerned:

  • The design in the industrial style was characterized by a combination of metal and concrete.
  • For a timeless, urban charm, for example, provided steel shelves or table racks.
  • Lamps and fittings were made of brass, copper or gold.
  • Welded handles in a vintage look completed the style.

Country style reinterpreted

The classic country kitchen experienced a revolution this year, called “Rough Style”. The romantic, detailed and somewhat stale image increasingly took a back seat. Cool black, carbon gray or navy blue replaced light wood look. The new country house style sprayed modern coolness rather than rusticity. Metal elements in industrial look complemented the style.

Colors over colors

This year blue tones prevailed. These achieved a modern effect, which made the room simple but elegant. They were optimally combined with white or wooden surfaces. With the variety of shades of blue ranging from aquamarine to azure to petrol, everyone found their own favorite color scheme.

In addition, the trend was quiet dark colors, so-called “dusty colors”. Muted gray matched beautifully with brown, green or violet shades as well as dark wood and created a harmonious contemporary ambience. The best effect was exhibited by the “dusty colors” in matt optics.

A look into the future

In 2018, the focus will be on sustainability and environmental awareness. This manifests itself first in the use of recyclable materials and renewable resources and in the reduction of formaldehyde limits. The hip is definitely the industrial style. New here is just the trend towards whole fronts in rust-optics. Inspirations of modern styles and cuisine For example, you can obtain it from online retailers.

The kitchen becomes smart

The year 2017 has already paved the way for a smart kitchen with the integration of sound systems. More ideas for technical innovations expect next year:

  • Integrated drinking water systems, for example, provide cool, filtered water – whether bubbling, medium or natural is up to you.
  • Virtual touch displays also offer the opportunity to search for recipes and to project onto the work surface and to order the necessary ingredients online.
  • Extractor hoods adapt intelligently to the extent of haze development.
  • Cooking assistants ensure that unattended pots are no longer overflowing.
  • Particularly practical: smartphone apps can control, among other things, the oven.

Set accents with light

From 2018, the kitchen will increasingly become the center of the household. It is now not only a status symbol, but also serves as a living space. The design uses therefore increasingly decorative elements. For example, showcases or open fronts on a kitchen island this coming year. Lighting elements bring these skillfully to advantage. It is up to you whether you choose a hotspot or unobtrusive backlighting. You can also play with colorful accents in blue or red. So you place inconspicuous work surfaces and decorative exhibits equally in scene and provide a fresh breeze in the kitchen.

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