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Japanese maple visually enhances the backyard space

Japanese maple species and helpful care tips

Do you often dream of the perfect garden? Then Japanese maple may not be missing! Maple has recently become one of the most popular garden plants, and it’s not by accident – its unusual leaf shapes and discoloration make it a real eye-catcher in the outdoors, especially in autumn. Most common at the moment is the red maple, but there are also many other species with different leaf colors – orange, yellow-green, purple, as well as dwarf varieties that reach a height of 1.5 meters, and just perfect for the small garden are. In this post you will learn all about this beautiful plant and its characteristics. We also give you a few helpful care tips, as well as original design ideas, from which you could draw inspiration for your own garden. Enjoy reading!

Japanese maple brings more color in the garden

Japanese maple in the garden. Gorgeous red leaves

Japanese maple in the garden. Bush form

planting Japanese maple in the garden

Japanese maple rockery

Garden plants easy care Japanese maple

Japanese maple planting and care tips

Japanese maple accent garden design

Japanese maple front yard

Planting Japanese maple in the courtyard

Japanese maple Zen garden gorgeous look

Japanese maple brings color to any garden and visually enhances the exterior. As already mentioned, the attractive plant has many subspecies with different characteristics to choose from. To help you with this task, we have collected in this post information about the most popular and widely used maple species especially for you. Also look at the photos – they might give you an idea of ​​where to plant the maple in your own garden to create a harmonious overall picture.

Japanese sliced ​​maple

Japanese maple sycamore gorgeous look

Japanese Maple Sled-pin gorgeous purple leaves

Japanese maple plant slate maple

Let’s start with the Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum “Tamukeyama”). This interesting plant is easy to maintain, but needs a sunny spot in the garden to create its gorgeous red color. Otherwise, the leaves would turn pale and get a red-green color. The height of the tree is a maximum of 2 meters and the width of the crown reaches up to 1.5 meters. The leaves are quite slotted, and look very delicate and beautiful. They only appear in late spring, in winter the tree is bare. Since this type of Japanese maple is quite compact, it can also be planted in the tub.

The fan maple Orangeola

Japanese Maple Orangeola

The Orange Maple (Acer palmatum “Orangeola”) is one of the most beautiful and attractive species. He gives you the opportunity to enjoy three different colors during the year – red, red-orange and green! In addition, the leaves have a unique pointed shape, and their edges look like shredded. The plant reaches a maximum height of 1.2 meters, which makes it ideal for the small garden. However, this species of maple is relatively in need of care – for optimal growth, it needs a location in the blazing sun, as well as enough irrigation in the summer – preferably every morning and evening.

The fan maple Seiryu

Japanese Maple fan maple Seiruy

The Japanese Seiryu maple (Acer palmatum “Seiryu”) has delicate leaves in an original yellow-green color. Interestingly, they grow upright rather than hanging from the branches, which is a big rarity in Japanese maple. The plant is also really easy to care for and its leaves do not burn in the sun, like the other green maple species.

Japanese Maple – Kurenai jushi

Japanese maple species Kurenai jushi

Japanese Maple Spurs Kurenai Jushi

The Kurenai jushi maple is notable for the fact that its dark red leaves gradually become almost black, leaving only the leaf tips red. This name is also due to his name – “Kurenai jushi” is actually translated as “black lion”. This type of maple is also very compact – its height reaches a maximum of 1.3 meters, and the width of the crown – about one meter.

Monticello Gardens Maple

Japanese Maple Art Monticello Garden

Monticello Gardens is one of the species that tolerate direct sun well. The leaves get a beautiful red color in autumn and have an interesting, delicate structure. The tree, which is only about 1.5 meters high, looks very fluffy. This feature makes it just perfect for the natural privacy in the outer area.

Twombly Red Sentinel Maple

Japanese Maple Tall Art Twombly Red Setinel

Noteworthy in this maple species is its interesting column shape. The tree is about 3 meters high, and the width of the crown is about one meter. But its growth lasts for a full 15 years.

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