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Iron-on beads Christmas templates for printing without cost

Ironing Template Christmas Print For Free

Christmas is almost here, so we have a great DIY idea for the craft fans, which can be easily copied – tinkering with beads! If you have no experience with it, you are in the right place, because below we explain the most important rules when working with beads. Here you will also find a few beautiful beaded templates for Christmas, which you can print for free. We hope you enjoy our ideas and wish you lots of fun crafting!

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Iron-on beads templates Christmas Christmas tree decorations

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Are you looking for ideas for original and inexpensive decorations for Christmas? Then our beaded Christmas templates would definitely suit you! Iron-on pearls can be found in every hobby shop, and working with them is extremely easy. You can tinker with or without a template – in the second case, you should put together the figures, which is not particularly complicated. In addition to the little beads and the special plug-in pad you will get, you will need an iron and a sheet of baking paper. When crafting, you should place the plug base on a flat surface, and then put together the desired figure step by step – depending on the template you have chosen. Then place a sheet of baking paper on top and gently start with the warm iron to make circular motions. The goal is for the beads to start melting and stick together. In the end you should only remove the baking paper and let the figure get cold. Finished!

Beading Template Christmas – Inspirational Ideas

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As you may have already guessed, working with beads is super light, but the home-made decorations look really impressive – an example is the photos in this post. Your children could also participate in crafting – the fun is guaranteed! If you gain a little more experience, you can also make intricate 3D figures from beads, which are just perfect for Christmas tree or table decorations. We hope that you draw inspiration from our suggestions! Merry Christmas!

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