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Inventive concepts for cellular make your personal

Mobile craftsmanship is great fun

Mobile is light, turns and moves from the light breeze, and is a popular nursery decoration. Especially for little babies, this is a very interesting toy over the baby crib. Mobile works just as well in the living room as in the kitchen. Whether for the nursery, baby room, living room or for a gift, mobile craft makes a lot of fun. Here is a total freedom of design and choice of materials. Everyone can shape their mobile to their own taste, imagination and talent. Who has a knack for sewing, can sew the hanging figures from unusable scraps. Others can crochet well, for a mobile you can conjure up wonderful crochet figures. Origami art and folding figures are also often used in mobile crafting. In addition to countless ideas, every homemade mobile is a unique piece of art. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for mobile DIY and make an eye catching decoration for your home.

Craft instructions for baby mobile

The clouds Mobile to imitate

For babies the mobiles are an eye-catcher. The lightweight mobile figures turn and thus calm the child and can be used as a sleep aid. To give your sweetheart sweet, colorful dreams, we’ll show you how to make such a mobile. The shape can be very different, you can choose anything and try it out. And get to work!

You need:

  • Felt or cotton fabric in different colors
  • matching yarn
  • Cotton for filling
  • Ring made of wood or metal in the desired size
  • Strap for the suspension
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • needle
  • chalk
  • Stencils for cutting

What are we going to do?

Step 1: Using a chalk on the back of the fabric, make the desired shapes with the chalk pen and carefully cut out two equal shapes from each shape.

Step 2: Plug the cut items together with a pin so they do not slip. Now sew all figures together with the needle. Give your best here, so you get beautiful seams. In doing so, before closing the seam, make sure to fill the figure with cotton wool and only then sew on.

Step 3: Wrap the edge with wool yarn or with a strip of felting material. Sew a thread from the drop to the cloud, in different lengths to hang. Now bind the clouds with the upper thread to the ring, so that the figures hang. Then attach four straps of equal length to the ring and you have your own mobile ready.

Mobile made of felt balls and branches

Mobile crafts made of felt balls and branches

You need:

  • Filzkugeln
  • nylon thread
  • 2 branches
  • scissors
  • needle

Step 1: Cut an approx. 1 m long piece of nylon thread, thread into the needle and knot at the end.

Step 2: Pierce the needle through the felt ball and thread it on. Fix the ball with a counter stitch so that it can not move on the thread.

Step 3: Take the 2 branches and bind them together crosswise. To hang them you can screw in a hanging clamp in the upper branch, even better it would be able to fix both branches together. If you do not succeed, just let it turn in the upper branch.

Step 4: Attach the thread with the balls to the tree-cross and finish your home-made mobile.

Love mobile tinker for Valentine’s Day

Mobile for Valentine's Day

Such a mobile can be the perfect declaration of love. With a love letter and the many hearts, you will be able to offer your loved ones breathtaking emotions. Likewise, such a mobile can serve for a marriage proposal by attaching a ring at the very bottom. Let your imagination and creativity run wild and you’ll wonder how many new and unique ideas you’ll come up with.

Mobile for Christmas

Tinker Christmas mobile

Make mobile as a Halloween decoration

Halloween Mobile sells the evil spirits

Mobile for Christmas

Tinker Christmas mobile

Mobile basten can also be child’s play

Mobile with PomPoms to make your own

Flowers to make yourself Flower Ball Do it yourself Butterflies from the ceiling

Butterflies to fold yourself Sew on felted flowers

Flowers to make yourself

Fold paper butterflies

Tulips from crepe

Mobile lamp - a real eye-catcher

Baby mobile for children's room

Air Baloons Mobile to do it yourself

Nice mobile for living room

Mobile flowers for DIY

Butterflies always have a place at home

Falt- and craft ideas

Simple mobile to imitate

Autumn mobile with natural materials

Colorful mobile for kids

Mobile from toilet paper rolls

Colorful mobile in fresh colors

Felt balls and pearls - a nice mobile

Balloons for the nursery

Origami Mobile Simple geometry

Make yourself nice mobile

Children's mobile from paper plate

Space - Mobile with planets and stars

The rainbow mobile

Colorful mobile made of felt

Butterflies bring good mood


Origami mobile for girls

Christmas stars mobile as a Christmas decoration

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