Inspiration from Versailles Citadel: 36 concepts for baroque furnishings
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Inspiration from Versailles Citadel: 36 concepts for baroque furnishings

Do you dream of an apartment like a castle? The absolute highlight of Baroque architecture is the Versailles Castle. His style is still considered a model for furniture with Baroque furniture. Of course, if you want to furnish your home in a Baroque style, you’ll start with furniture, but do not forget walls, lighting and marble tiles. Let us inspire our examples of baroque furniture in modern room design. You can combine creative and modern with the splendor of the 16th century.

With baroque furniture in the bedroom you sleep like a king

Baroque furniture Bedroom white silver

Of course, the bed must be of impressive size with sumptuous headboards. The colors that match the Baroque style are silver and gold and symbolize wealth. Intricate twisted ornaments in a bed create volume and no decoration is needed in the bedroom anymore. A bed with canopy fits very well in the baroque bedroom. If you ask for colors, they must be bright and luxurious – red, gold, champagne, chocolate. The picture frames or mirrors with a gold-colored border look particularly stylish.

Baroque armchairs in all rooms

Baroque furniture armchair

If you were to buy only a baroque piece of furniture, this will definitely be the chair! The sweeping armrests and golden elements have the Baroque style and are suitable for every room. Yes, in the bathroom too! Sofas and armchairs with backrests, which often get a golden coat of paint, are typical. Baroque armchairs are mostly in purple or black, but also an elegant white or cream is suitable. In the baroque era, the absolute highlight was in the music room or in the library. An idea for comfort would be to put the chair in front of the fireplace.

Baroque furniture can combine all living styles in the living room

Baroque furniture living room design

A tip for you: Only buy expensive luxury furniture of the highest quality. Save money on decoration or other rooms, but couches, armchairs, and chairs that really carry a baroque style are really expensive. The chairs must have backs and armrests carved into flower shapes. For living room again the golden color is very popular. In combination with white and beige colors, your living room will be elegant and fascinating. For a change you can also combine with Sapphire and Emerald. An important part of the living room in Baroque style is the coffee table. A beautiful idea is to select purple sofa and combine it with a high quality coffee table with carving and silver lacquer. Advice! To increase the effect of the glitter and the golden color, choose surface gloss.

Transform your dining room into a luxurious dining room

Baroque furniture dining room kitchen

The dining room is this room where you need to feel cozy atmosphere. This is also the room that makes your guests the first impression. With baroque furniture you can impress your friends with a luxurious dining room. The most popular color combination for the decor is again gold, but combined with white or milk chocolate. Traditionally, the chairs and the table are made of wood. The best types of wood for a baroque style are oak; Beech; Ash; Cherry; maroon. The main focus in the dining room should be the massive wooden table. Choose the chairs with an expensive and stylish upholstery.

Inspiration for a magnificent bath in the Baroque

Baroque furniture bathroom furnishings

Baroque furniture in the bathroom is characterized by elegance and a wide range of colors and finishes. Again, the gold and silver elements are missing, especially at the mirror. A charming idea would be to decorate the furniture with Swarovski crystals. The wood material can also find its place in the bathroom. Baroque style in the bathroom impresses with clean lines and contrasting colors. The printed cabinet doors and the shape of the legs are fascinating.

Baroque furniture is always luxurious, elegant and beautiful! With such device, the four walls in the apartment tell your own story! The following magnificent examples of room design with baroque furniture will be sure to inspire new ideas.

Baroque furniture armchair sofa
Baroque furniture living room gold

Baroque furniture living room design

Baroque furniture living room red

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