Inspiration: 37 concepts for Italian tiles within the toilet
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Inspiration: 37 concepts for Italian tiles within the toilet

Ideas Italian tiles

Do you dream of a little luxury in your everyday life? Then you start with the bathroom. And when you hear about inspiration in the bathroom, you naturally imagine Italian tiles. The ideas for a bathroom in Italian styling are based on the natural tones that will make you feel good after a hard day’s work. Italian tiles are also associated with antiquity and luxury. With our 37 modern ideas you can express your personality.

Color scheme: Choose the right color for your Italian tiles

Italian tiles color design

As a rule, bathrooms are small. To visually enlarge your bathroom, use neutral colors. Creamy white and beige are perfect colors for Italian tiles. If your bathroom is quite large, choose the wall tiles in pastel shades and non-bold colors. With soft colors, you will design a bathroom with a romantic look. The color pink shows vintage style and helps you to enjoy the intimate atmosphere in the bathroom. Combine the delicate pink with white furniture for a unique bathroom. If you prefer the modern design, the gray tiles are the best choice. The ceramic gray wall tiles look like painted bricks. Lay similar floor tiles so that they complement the clean look of the bathroom.

Italian tiles are of course made of marble

Italian tiles marble gold

The marble brings rusty in your bathroom and is of course the best choice, but a bit more expensive. An inexpensive option is the travertine, which looks amazing but costs less. The wall tile design should match with the floor tiles. A beautiful idea would be special dividing lines between floor and wall. The active functional zones of the bathroom can be accentuated with the help of marble mosaic tiles.

Steinoptik: Feel as one in nature

Italian tiles natural stone

The Italian tiles impress with a natural design. To bring nature into the bathroom, use raw stones. It is not necessary to have real stones in your bathroom. The modern technologies also offer tiles with stone look. Ega, l Whether you choose a frosted or a glossy finish, your bathroom will be filled with elegance.

Find our fascinating examples and modern design of Italian tiles and you get the feeling that you walk barefoot on the wet floor after the rain!

Italian tiles design

Italian tiles white black

Italian tiles beige

Italian tiles blue

Italian tiles floor tiles

Italian tiles brown

Italian tiles design

Italian tiles green

Italian tiles ideas

Italian tiles wall tiles

Italian tiles ceramics

Italian tiles marble

Italian tiles marble mosaic

Italian tiles mosaic

Italian tile mosaic floor tiles

Italian tiles Gray marble
Italian tiles stone

Italian tiles stone look

Italian tiles orange

Italian tiles porcelain

Italian tiles pink

Italian tiles pink marble

Italian tiles pink white

Italian tiles black

Italian tiles black design

Italian tiles Glatz

Italian tiles stone wall Italian tiles wall tiles Italian tiles travertine

Italian tile marble wall floor

Italian tiles wall tiles

Italian tiles white marble

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