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Inform me how you reside and I will inform you how you’re

Window decoration ideas

What a boring place our world would be if we all had the same ideas, the same taste and the same way to express and express ourselves. Luckily, that is not the case and the desire for individuality is more important today than ever before. Therefore, even small things – such as the choice of footwear, the favorite restaurant and even the preferred window decoration – can reveal to a small extent, as the person who has chosen just this or that. Now this may seem exhausting – having to give meaning to every thing with an external impact, we make fun of it and keep it here as usual with the horoscope:

“The chosen window decoration makes you inclined, it commits you to nothing.”

"The chosen window decoration makes you inclined, it commits you to nothing."

But the nice thing is: There is a place for all types, because in one, most agree: Something has to go to the window. Whether it comes to privacy and darkening even heat protection or even a pronounced decorating desire, is again type dependent. And as a hairdresser has dominated different haircuts, has for almost everyone the right thing in the range.

Type 1 Rock’n’Rollo

Window decoration roller blind

Half things do not exist for him. When he starts something, he pulls it off. What is the use of a decorative curtain ? It fulfills no purpose. A roller blind on the other hand – preferably with middle move – is quite different. A train and the sun stays out all day as well as the neighbors’ looks in the evening. Does he need light or should the view of the moon or the bar opposite serve as visual support for the guitar riffs from his boxes, then a hand movement is enough as well. He liked the order at, that it was done with a few clicks.

Type 2 Madame pleated

Window decoration pleated

She has an eye for detail and likes to play life in a playful way. As fresh as the colors she wears is her decoration as well. And now that she has at least three pleated skirts in the closet, after all, for some years her dusty image has been swapped for the label “Trend”, the window with the practical folds should also be embellished. Yes embellished, because the practical side of pleated , which even decorate triangular windows as a freely movable sight and sunscreen, without concealing them, is clearly in second place. Incidentally, Madame Plissee’s enthusiasm can increase without limits as soon as she discovers the Kombiplissees on and thus a large number of stylish combo outfits for her window.

Type 3 of the CLO – Chief Slats Officer

Window decoration Vertical slats

He is the optimizer. The practical properties of window decoration are also in the foreground with him. However, he thinks more differentiated. There are certainly not any gradations between him and him. With the choice of vertical slats, he has therefore chosen a flexible eye and light protection, which can be adapted to just about every one of his multi-faceted needs and influenced by parameters such as time of day, working attitude, temperature and position of the sun in a few moments. And not just in the office. Thanks to new and fresh colors for vertical blinds from and the possibility of combining several of them in one curtain, even Madame Plissee could now imagine finally moving into a shared flat with him.

Window decoration Scandinavian decor

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