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Indoor Vertical Backyard: Deliver nature dwelling

Vertical Garden Indoor

Do you dream of nature experiences and would you like to have nature in your own home? The traditional way is to cultivate indoor plants in pots. But what do you say about green walls? Fully planted with greens. Why not? If you have no room for a beautiful garden, make it at home on your walls! Vertical garden enhances the well-being in your home and brings fresh air. These green walls will give your home an exotic touch! Just try it! As? Just follow our tips and let us convince you of the breathtaking pictures!

Vertical garden has a calming effect

Vertical garden in the kitchen

There are a number of advantages that the vertical garden has. Not only does it create a cozy and soothing ambience, it also boosts oxygen production. If the wall with plants she gets insulated very well. Recommended for the interior design are plantable picture frames, instead of planting the entire wall. So you can set great accents. If the green wall is too big, mold can form. You can decorate the vertical garden in beautiful wooden box, which is typical of a country-style décor. If your home is inspired by minimalism and modernity, choose frames in metal, concrete, or simply picture frames in plain white.

Which plants are suitable?

Vertical garden for the perfect relaxation area

Plants that prefer partial shade are ideal for the vertical garden at home. Arrowroot, cactus or ferns are just one example of planting your green walls. You can also use different herbs. If you need to plant larger picture frames, it’s best to choose two types of plants. But if your vertical garden is the size of a picture above the sofa in the living room, you’re just deciding on one plant species. This natural green picture looks very modern and elegant with white decor. With the help of flowering plant species you can really create a unique piece of art! The most important thing is that the different plants with similar moisture needs, so you can properly care for them. Light is also a point of great importance when talking about care. But not only. With the selection of great lamps with a modern design, you will emphasize the beauty of this vertical garden and will be a real eye-catcher!

The most important thing to remember is the planting system

Vertical garden with wood combine

Have you already convinced yourself? But there is one more important condition that you need to keep in mind. So you can enjoy the great vertical garden, the requirements for a planting system must be met. Actually, that is the reason that the plants are attached to the wall. But if you use picture frames or wall boxes, you can fill them with substrate. Otherwise you have to buy such a system or why not build it yourself? From a Euro pallet you will create a stunning vertical garden, which is perfect for the kitchen. The shoe racks, which are attached to the wall, look very funny and provide the good mood.

The care of the vertical garden

Combine vertical garden with minimalist decor

Only with the design of your vertical garden alone is not everything done. Care and maintenance play a major role in preventing water damage. So you will enjoy your green wall longer and it always stays green. In our gallery you will find fascinating examples of a vertical interior design garden that will make your heart peel! Let yourself be inspired!

Vertical garden needs care

You can design a vertical garden in the picture frame

Vertical garden plant with maximum 2 plant species

Light the vertical garden

Light the vertical garden

Use accents with the vertical garden

Vertical garden of herbs

As large as the vertical garden is, so high is the possibility for mold

Vertical garden over sofa looks modern and elegant

Vertical garden calms the owners

Emphasize your vertical garden with appropriate lighting
Vertical garden as decoration in kitchen

Vertical garden on the whole wall

Vertical garden in the bathroom

Vertical garden for all walls

Use vertical garden only as an accent

Maintain vertical garden properly

Vertical garden in the bedroom for fresh air in the night

Vertical garden in the kitchen

Vertical garden as a break in the apartment

Vertical garden brings color in the white kitchen

Vertical garden must be emphasized with appropriate lighting

Vertical garden with moss

Vertical garden with different plants

Vertical garden beside window

Vertical garden

Vertical garden for bedroom

Vertical garden in the swimming pool

Vertical garden instead of kitchen wall

Vertical garden needs suitable lighting

Vertical Garden: Which plants are suitable

Vertical garden in the living room

Vertical garden in the living room

Vertical garden in the living room

Vertical garden is perfect for large spaces

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