If you have nightmares, you should make a dream catcher
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If you have nightmares, you should make a dream catcher


The dream catcher is a popular decoration and you can see such motifs everywhere. No matter if you are looking for a dream catcher as a decoration on the nails , a picture on the wall or an ornament on the bed in the bedroom decide, he serves as a real eye-catcher. But do you know what the purpose of a dream catcher is? It is said that the origin of the dream catcher is due to the culture of the Indians in North America. The tribe of the Indians is called “Ojibwe”. The Indians hang dreamcatchers over the beds to protect the sleepers against nightmares. It is said that the Dreamcatcher’s web catches the nightmares and transmits the good dreams through the feathers to the sleeper. Read in this article how to make an extraordinary dream catcher.

DIY tutorial for dreamcatcher crafts

DIY dreamcatcher crafts

These DIY instructions are aimed at anyone who wants to make a dream catcher himself, and is well suited for the craft lovers, whether beginners or professionals in this area. The Dreamcatcher crafts you can also use natural materials. For our sample we choose the following usual materials:

You can read the necessary materials for a dreamcatcher yourself here!

  • Plastic ring (15 cm)
  • white cord cotton 75 m
  • small bowls, stones and pearls (notabene: they should be suitable for bracelets or chains, that is – punched)
  • Feathers (light and dark pink)
  • Spitzenband
  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • Wolln√§hnadel
  • white and golden art leaves

Step 1:

DIY Dream Catcher Crafting Instructions: Step 1

Glue the end of the lace tape to the plastic ring with the glue. Wrap the ring around the band. Make sure that you have wrapped the lace band so tightly that the ring is no longer visible. When the whole ring is wrapped, cut off the tape and glue the end on.

Step 2:

Read a dreamcatcher guide here

Now come to the intimidating part of the Dreamcatcher guide. They should make the net. At first glance, this task seems difficult to you, but there is no room for doubt and restlessness. Just read the explanations:

Cut 5/6 meters of thread from the white cotton string. Knot one of the ends of the thread to the ring and fix with adhesive. Our recommendation is that you use a woolen needle to make it as with your hands to make the net. To put the thread over the ring first, then – around the outside of the ring and then thread the needle from behind between the ring and the thread. Tighten the node. Similarly, do the other loops until you reach the beginning. Thread back from behind, then through the first knot, and your loop is done. Approximately 10 equal loops will be created. It depends on how big the ring is. Now you can start with the second row. The difference in knotting the second row is that the thread is threaded in the middle of the debt made, not around the ring. The second row of loops finish just like the first one. Continue with the knot loop by loop, row by row, until the ring is filled. Now knot the thread of the loop and cut off the rest.

How do you tie the net up to make an extraordinary dream catcher?

From the fifth row we begin to decorate with small beads. You can do this easily, just thread the beads on the wool thread before you have made any loop. Here, you can see the final look of the web.

Would you like to make a dream catcher yourself?

Step 3:

Here you will find beautiful dreamcatcher template

Now comes the simple step, which calls for a bit of creativity – decoration of the net and the hanging pieces. Cut 8 pieces off the white string. Pay attention to whether you want to achieve a symmetrical look of your dream catcher. If so, then all two pieces of equal size should be cut off.

Be inspired by our guides for dreamcatchers crafting from natural materials

Decorate the ribbons with the small bowls, stones, pearls and artificial leaves to taste. Finish each volume with feathers. The last ribbons tie you to the ring. To give your dream catcher an aesthetic look, knot a piece of lace ribbon in the middle of all the ribbons.

The result:

Dream catcher DIY ideas

It was not that difficult, yes ..? And the result looks extraordinary. You can use different materials and techniques to make your dream catcher. You can see the dream catcher motif in different forms, for example:

The dream catcher motif can be seen in different forms.

Do not limit your imagination! But, think beyond previous boundaries. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration. For your relief we have divided the photos into 3 categories. They are the following:

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