How are you going to correctly arrange a 1 bed room condominium?
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How are you going to correctly arrange a 1 bed room condominium?

1 room apartment

Do you think that if you live in a small apartment and have limited space, then you can not feel more comfortable in a 30 square meter apartment? But! In this article, we’ll explain how to properly set up a 1 bedroom apartment to make the most of its unique look and space. Just stay 5 minutes in front of the monitor to learn some interesting tricks.

The furniture has a double-sided use if you furnish 1 room apartment

The furniture has a double-sided use if you furnish 1 room apartment

In the 1 bedroom apartments you have to use the daily usable areas optimally. For example, you can Buy sofas that can be used for sitting and sleeping. Other variant – tables for working and eating. Remember how cool a kitchen island is – dining table, shelves, kitchen tabletop and desk altogether!

How can you set up small rooms?

Do you have a high roof?

Small living room set up

The high roof secures a great opportunity to furnish your small apartment with wall-high fitted wardrobes. To solve the problem with the little space, you can also take advantage of all the angles. An interesting trick is that the wardrobe doors with glossy surface by optical illusion enlarge the apartment.

Colors instead of walls

Ideas for a 1 bedroom apartment setup

Sleeping, working, changing clothes, eating, cooking – when you have a tight apartment, you can not separate these everyday activities. A good idea for the small room is Grind , Do not build walls to divide the living room from the dining room and bedroom. A clever trick is to play with the colors. This is how you get visually shared rooms.

Make use of the corners in your 1 bedroom apartment

Decoration ideas for small living room

How do you do that? Easy decorate The apartment with shelves. Either in the kitchen, study or living room, they are always a good idea for optimal wall and ceiling space use, and also a method that creates optical separation.

Niches and levels

Niche and level usage when 1 room apartment setup

Niches are real conditions that contribute to the visual layout of the apartment. The integration of niches helps to create living, sleeping and dining areas. If you are not a fan of the loft bed and your apartment is ceiling-high, then you can secrete a second level.

The function of the level when 1 room apartment furnishing

After reading the whole article, you have definitely convinced yourself that the 1 room Apartments look more comfortable , as the largest house!

Plan a 1 bedroom apartment

Set up functionality of small rooms

1 room apartment furnishing - cupboard under the ground cover

1 room apartment furnishings - shelves under the stairs

1 room apartment furnishings - shelves in the corner

small room furnishing in 1 room apartment

Zone separation by shelf in a 1 bedroom apartment

Apartment decorating ideas

1 bedroom apartment set up by levels

1 room apartment furnishing - functionality is everything

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