Handmade Jewellery: 27 DIY Bracelet Concepts
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Handmade Jewellery: 27 DIY Bracelet Concepts

The bracelet is the first thing you notice. And when it’s homemade, it brings with it the passion and energy of the human being. There are many creative ways to make a bracelet yourself and actually quite easily. By sewing, screwing, baking or gluing together, you can wear a piece of your same power or give someone your good mood. Combine different materials to make beautiful artworks. This can also be a hobby! Be inspired by our DIY bracelet ideas and instructions.

DIY bracelet with video instructions

DIY leather bracelet

We start with the simplest instructions for a sailor’s knot in the series. It’s easier than it looks! Actually, all variants of the knots are really pretty. And also something extraordinary compared to boring braided ribbons. We have found a clear video for this technique especially for you. That will definitely help you. Tip: Use two colors for a beautiful look!

Rockig bracelet made of leather

DIY bracelet leather

DIY leather bracelet

The classic handmade bracelets are made of leather. But how can we do that to make him look rocky? Very easy – with some stars! For this cut a 5 cm wide piece. The length results from your arm circumference plus 3 cm for closing. 3-4 cm from left and right remain uncut and cut in length 1 cm from the edge at a distance of 0.5 cm. Make some holes for the rivets. At which point do you decide for yourself. Done! Another idea with leather would be a classic braided bracelet. All you need is a piece of leather and Kam Snaps. It is braided from top to bottom.

DIY Bracelet Crafting Idea: Colorful Ribbons

DIY bracelet Colorful

There are many ideas with leather. But what do you say about these colorful leather bracelets that look cool in the summer. And that’s not all! They are made super fast!
First, you need a 50cm long round leather, which you can put to the loop. Knot the ribbons and begin wrapping the leather straps in figure-eight loops.
Wrap the last piece back around both straps, knot and cut off the ends. You can put a small drop of glue on the knot. Some pearls will create a charming look.

DIY Bracelet: A beautiful idea with pearls

DIY bracelet with pearls

Such a bracelet will suit every summer type of outfit. First you need wire and a yarn, best jersey yarn or a simple ribbon. Bend the thicker wire into a tire several times, but try to keep the strap tight. Do not worry if the shape is not perfect. Then wrap the jersey yarn around the bangle. When it’s complete it’s time for beads! The pearl band in the picture is about 60 cm, but you can also change that to your liking.

There is nothing better than a handmade bracelet with the names

diy bracelet jewelry

A handmade bracelet adds a personal touch and is the best gift for the best friend. And what more personal than a bracelet with the name or initials? It would be very romantic if the date, the date or the name of the bride and groom are on the bracelet. These can also be the best wedding gifts. You can on the bracelet of the bride, for. also write “Bride” and on the guests “JGA 2016” or similar. All you need is a nylon elastic cord. Thread a few beads or Swarovski crystals, then your letter beads with the personal message, then again colorful beads and Swarovski crystals. For security you can knot a pretty bow between two beads.

We have found something suitable for every occasion and style. Discover our examples! You will definitely get inspiration and more ideas.

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DIY bracelet made of wool

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