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Halloween Costume Girls – our 7 greatest concepts

Halloween costume ladies vampire

Dear ladies, Halloween is only coming in a few weeks, so you should think of ideas for a suitable costume. To help you with this task, we have in this article 7 great and modern proposals that will guarantee you an unforgettable appearance at the Halloween Party! You can either buy the original costume or make it yourself, and below, we will also give you some tips for the make-up and the selection of matching accessories. Be inspired and discover the best ideas for Halloween costume ladies!

Halloween Costume Ladies – Zombie

Costumes Ladies Halloween scary zombie

Costumes Halloween Zombie DIY ideas

Ladies Costume Halloween Zombie make false wounds

Halloween costume will make ladies wrong wounds

Halloween Costume Ladies Zombie DIY

If you get a really spooky look, you should opt for a zombie costume! Make-up is the most important thing, but it is not necessary to be a professional to get the desired result. Make your face look deadly pale and emphasize the eyes and the places under the cheekbones with dark eyeshadows. Use red, purple and gray tones to mimic the typical spots on the corpse skin. False wounds can be made very easily with liquid latex. It is applied to the skin in layers, and after drying it is given the desired shape with scissors. Finally, the skin underneath is dyed in brown and blood red. You could also easily make the zombie costume out of an old piece of clothing – tear it up or make some holes with the scissors and finally “beautify” the costume with some big bloodstains.

Halloween Costume Ladies – dress up like a witch

Costumes Halloween Witch

Ladies costume elegant witch

Halloween costume ladies great ideas witch

Costumes Halloween witch with spiders

Halloween costumes Halloween scary witch

A classic and popular variant for women is the witch costume. If you’ve never disguised yourself as a Halloween witch, you should definitely try the idea! Choose a vintage-style black dress from your wardrobe, make-up your face pale, highlight your eyes with dark green or deep blue eyeshadows, and your lips – with a dark red lipstick. The typical “witch outfit” includes the long, artistically painted fingernails, the broom and the pointed witch hat.

Halloween Costume Ladies – favorite heroine from book or film

make great carnival costumes yourself Schneewittchen

Halloween and carnival costumes themselves make Cinderella

Costumes Ladies Halloween Snow White scary

Costumes ladies scary Halloween

You could also dress up like a book or movie like your favorite heroine. The fairy tale heroines like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, as well as the Disney princesses are a good choice, because the costumes are relatively easy to find. If you want a scary overall look, you can achieve that quickly with some fake blood and scary makeup.

Modern Costumes Halloween: Vampire Woman

Ladies costume vampire woman

Halloween costume vampire woman

Halloween costume great ideas vampire woman

If you want to look sexy and dangerous at the same time Halloween, choose the costume of a vampire woman! In that case, you might opt ​​for a sumptuous gown or black or red cape. The artificial teeth are not a must, but the successful make-up is particularly important – make-up face very pale, emphasize the eyes strongly with black or red eyeshadow, and the lips – with dark red lipstick and some fake blood in the corner of the mouth.

Halloween costume for women: mythical and mythical creatures

Costumes Halloween Ladies harpy

Halloween and carnival costumes themselves make mermaid

Halloween costume ladies mermaid inspired by Disney

Halloween Costume Ladies Unicorn

Halloween and carnival costumes themselves make unicorn

The costumes of myth and mythical creatures look very beautiful and scary at the same time. From Greek mythology, a lot of inspirational ideas can be drawn – for example, you could dress up as one of the dangerous mermaids that the sailors enchant and drown, or choose the costume of a harpy – creepy mythical creatures with wings and long, pointed nails. A wonderful idea is to dress up like a unicorn – the costume looks really cute, even romantic, and is perfect for Halloween as well as carnival.

The best Halloween costumes: demonic bride

Halloween costume scary bride

Halloween costume scary bride

But maybe you want a unique Halloween costume, because you want to stand out from the crowd. Then we have a suggestion for you – dress up like a demonic bride! In addition to the white dress, you need fake blood and matching make-up. Take a look at the photos above and get inspiration!

Halloween costume for women – mummy

Halloween costume ladies original mummy

Ladies Costume Halloween Mummy

Costumes Halloween original ideas mummy

A not so popular idea that you will certainly like is to dress up like a mummy. For this purpose, you need a fringed dress in white, elastic garbage from the pharmacy and some fake blood. The costume could even be very sexy on the ground – try our Vorschalg to convince yourself!

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