Hairstyles for lengthy hair: fashionable styling concepts and hair colour traits
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Hairstyles for lengthy hair: fashionable styling concepts and hair colour traits

Hairstyles for long hair hairstyle trends 2017

Long hair like to wear almost every woman – they need a lot of care, but offer countless styling options, and change every time the look of their wearer. In this article we have collected information about the most modern hairstyles for long hair for 2017 especially for you! Here you will learn all about the latest trends and the most modern looks that can be seen in the fashion capitals such as Milan, Paris, New York and London, as well as which hair colors are particularly popular this year. We hope you find your dream hairstyle among our suggestions!

The most modern hairstyles for long hair: wet look

long hair hairstyles modern wet look

long hair hip hairstyles Wet Look

Hairstyles long hair modern wet look

modern hairstyles for long hair Nicole Scherzinger

One of the most modern styling variants on the catwalks in 2017 is undoubtedly the wet look. But that’s also one of the most feared stylings – many women worry that their hair would look rather unwashed than elegant. To avoid this effect, comb your hair backwards, make a side parting, and put some gel only in the hairline. So you get the trendy wet look, and at the same time the hair length remains untouched.

Hairstyles for Long Hair 2017 – Half Ponytail

Long hairstyles men and women creative ideas

Hairstyles Ladies Half Ponytail

Hairstyles Long Half Ponytail

medium length hairstyles Half ponytail

In 2016, the Half Ponytail was one of the most modern hairstyles for long hair. This year, it is still up to date, and preferred by many stars, such as the singer Ariana Grande. The hair is combed back, and the game from the ears up – tied to the ponytail. Fast, elegant and super easy! You could also combine this hairstyle with the modern wet look – this version is just perfect for official occasions!

Semi-open hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles women half open bun

Hairstyle Trends 2017 Semi-Open Dutt Jennifer Lopez

Hairstyles for long hair half open bun

The semi-open bun is also very trendy this year. This hairstyle is also very fast and easy to style, and exudes simple elegance. The half-open bun will look especially original and extravagant if you carry it high on your head, almost over your forehead.

Hip hairstyles for long hair – Beach Waves

Women's and men's hairstyles 2017

Haircut long hair

Hairstyles Long Hair Beach Waves

Hairstyles Medium Beach Waves

One of the most modern open hair styles for long hair is the Beach Waves. This hairstyle is also super easy to make and will give you a beautiful, natural look. First, the hair is blown and smoothed, and then styled lightly with the curling iron. Finished!

Modern braiding hairstyles 2017 – fine braids

long hair cut and modern hairstyles

Braided hair long hair

Long hairstyles finely braided

medium-length hair hairstyles curls

The fine braids that cover the whole hair will give you an exotic look – just perfect for the summer! Before braiding, lightly moisten your hair to make it easier – this hairstyle takes a little more time, but the heirloom is well worth it! The braids can be left overnight, and only open after 2-3 days – then you get a magnificent curly hair!

High-set long hairstyles – Knotendutt

Hairstyles ladies long hair knotendutt

Hairstyles 2016 Longhair

half length hairstyles women knotendutt

medium-length hair hairstyles knotendutt

When it comes to updos for long hair, this year’s Knotendutt is especially timely. Tie your hair into a normal ponytail and divide it into two equally sized strands. Make a knot and fix it with hairpins. Bring the strands up and make another knot – the number of knots actually depends on your hair length. Finally, the ends of the two strands are fixed with hairpins, and sprayed the hairstyle with a little hair spray, so they can last longer.

Hairstyle trends 2017 – trendy hair colors

Hair colors trends pastel pink ombre hair

Hair Colors Trends 2017 hip nuances Pfir

Hair colors trends 2017 pastel pink hair

Hairstyles for long hair and modern hair color balayage technique

Hair colors trends 2017

Hair hairstyles hair colors trends 2017

The trendy hair colors for 2017 are fresh, provocative and really elegant! The pastel-pink hair is gaining in popularity – this nuance looks delicate and feminine and at the same time extravagant, and will simply make you stand out beautifully if you naturally have blond or light brown hair. If you do not want to dye the hair completely, the light pink strands are also a good choice – so you will certainly attract all the attention! Other trendy nuances, which you can choose from, are coral red, deep blue, light green and purple. As in the past year, the balayage technology is also very much in vogue. The hairs are dyed in such a way that soft transitions are created in the hair lengths, which gradually fade out to the hair roots.

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