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Hairstyles for high quality hair – suggestions and tips for spectacular hairstyling

Hairstyles for fine hair tips and tricks for more body

Fine hair is hard to style. Especially if they are smooth, they just hang down flat. Even if they are styled and shaped, it will not last longer and they will soon hang out again. Therefore, the hairstyles for fine hair should be well considered and the disadvantages of thin hair are taken into account. We show you great ideas for hairstyles for fine hair, care tips and styling tricks, how to make more volume in your thin hair and make it look fuller. Who has fine hair, wants more volume and fullness, which usually succeeds with the right hairstyle. Get inspired by these ideas and you can create wonderful hair looks with your thin hair.

Hairstyles for fine hair – light hairstyles for imitation

Simple hairstyles for fine hair

Even the celebrities have thin hair and have to look defiant always good. This hairstyle by Charlize Theron is very easy to imitate if you have natural curls. With a tiered haircut and your natural curls you can achieve this effect with a little bit of foam before hair drying. Just on towel-dry hair a little hair foam for curls, really not much, so that the hair does not stick together, apply and then blow dry with the diffuser attachment. Then you can straighten your hair into the right shape. Side vertex looks more and more voluminous.

Bob hairstyles for more fullness

Bob hairstyle gives volume

Here, the steps give the desired fullness again and the side parting provides more volume and has its effect on facial contour. Very voluminous, a chin-long bob with a gradation to the neck looks. The best hairdressers advise against the long hair, when the hair is thin. The longer the hair, the more volume they lose. The perfect length for fine hair is half length. The medium length hairstyles are very trendy and can be cut and shaped to fit any face. The short hairstyles are very good for fine hair, which are also very modern but here the face shape is crucial, because short hair does not fit every face.

Simple hairstyle for long and fine hair

Fast hairstyle for fine hair to imitate

For this fast hairstyle do not need more than 5 min. If you have smooth, long hair, make it together, not accurately, but rather casually into a braid. Then plait the braid and wrap around the four fingers until a covenant results. Set it up nicely and fix with hairpins so that the hairstyle is tight.

Pixie hairstyle – cheeky and stylish

Pixie hairstyle for fine hair

For confident women with elongated faces, the Pixie cut is wonderful. The gradation brings dynamics and this hairstyle offers many options for styling. Whether smooth combed, durchgeschuschelt and blown with the round brush, you have the freedom of design and can create different looks with little effort.

Styling tricks for more volume in fine hair
Hairstyles for thin hair with side parting

  • Fine hair looks different when they get some color. Particularly suitable is the lightening by fine highlights. The play of colors has a cool push-up effect and if the cut also brings movement, this fits very well together. Ombre effect is also very good for fine hair.
  • Distribute volume mousse close to the batch before blow-drying. Pull strands over the round brush, heat briefly with the hair dryer and, after cooling, loosen the brush. Alternatively, individual strands can be wound on a curling iron and heated with the hair dryer.
  • A quick rescue is the Toupieren, but it should be noted that the hair can suffer and be damaged.
  • Fine hair and straighteners – an absolute “no go”. Vertex side can be changed again and again for more fullness.
  • You get a push-up effect when you tie a high bun in front of the bed. Baby Pouder massaged in the hairline also gives the hair a lot of volume.

Party hairstyle for fine hair

Party hairstyle for thin hair

Hairstyles thin hair Thin hair? The rescue is here!

Before-after - thin hair Bob hairstyle gives volume To be styled by the professional Movement on average gives more volume

A hair dryer and some mousse can give more fullness Short bob with longer side part Nice hairstyle for fine hair

It can do a lot with thin hair

Do not doubt, there are enough possibilities

Styling variants for fine hair Play of colors brings movement Hair extensions are a salvation but not a solution Short-haired hairstyle gives more body and movement Fine hair hairstyles
Red carpet hairstyle for fine hair

Bob and fine hair - always a good combination Great hairstyles for thin hair Hair dryer and brush can do wonders Glamorous red-carpet hairstyle

Casual and stylish

Pixie hairstyle for fuller hair

Strands bring more movement Short hair - a nice solution for thin hair Stylish on the red carpet

Colorful and stylish

Glamor hairstyle for fine hair

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