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Grill your self from clay pot – step-by-step directions

Build barbecue yourself

We find pots and pots everywhere at home, the grill Unfortunately, this is a deficit in most households in Germany. But you can use these flowerpots and grill in a clay pot? Does that sound unrealistic? No! We’ll show you how to build a barbecue yourself if you only have one clay pot. Of course, you also need our helpful guide.

Does the chicken grill look appetizing?

So you can prepare it yourself! Grill yourself from clay pot – scheme for making your own:

The individual components of this schema are described in the following step by step building instructions , Barbecuing in a clay pot or in a flowerpot works in a similar way to barbecuing stone Grill , Look, what’s the reason:

Grill yourself from clay pot – DIY Instructions:

Step 1: Drill two holes on the clay pot dish to attach a stem

How to turn the clay pot into a grill with lid:

Step 2: How to create the installation

Step 3: Take a pan that you no longer need and cut the panhandle

Step 4: Place the pan on the bottom of the clay pot. Then place 2-3 logs and place the grate on top

And our grill is ready!

But before you light the grill, you should follow some rules.

You can light your grill through the hole. Protect your fingers and use the grill lighter with this home-made grill. If you know all this, you can start! All you need is meat and beer. You can take this barbecue everywhere with you and always enjoy a barbecue experience! Let you taste crispy sausages, juicy meat or delicious marshmallows! To see more creative ideas of how to build your own barbecue, whether with a flower pot, clay pot or anything else, scroll down to get some inspiration!

Let yourself be inspired!

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