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Good updos: 25 concepts for imitation

Updos themselves make elegant hairstyle with French braid

When it comes to elegant women’s hairstyles, high-set hair remains the eternal classic. The updos are extremely diverse and are suitable for all occasions – for a job interview or important meeting, as well as for a party with friends. For many women, however, it is a real challenge to make a pretty updo yourself. For this reason, we offer 25 great ideas in this article, which are fast and easy to copy. Try the variants that you think are the most beautiful. We wish you much success!

Elegant updos for festive occasions

beautiful updos elegant Dutt hair accessory

Updos long hair gorgeous idea

beautiful updos side-head gorgeous look

simple updos original ideas wedding

Updos elegant bunny long hair

beautiful updos Chignon long hair

Updos long hair high braided hairstyle with hair accessories

Updo hairstyles themselves make stylish braiding

Updo hairstyles themselves make elegant hairstyle with braid

Updo elegant braid zopf waterfall

Updo stylish classy bun

Updos simply elegant volume Dutt

Updos short hair curly elegant look

You may know the benefits of updos from personal experience – they are super practical, look gorgeous and emphasize the face at the same time. The photos above are an excellent example of elegant hairstyles that are simply ideal for official occasions – a conference, an important appointment, even a wedding or prom. Most variations are really easy to duplicate, but you could also ask a good friend for help, so that your hair looks glamorous in the end. Dutt is actually the simplest updo: you can make an elegant hair bun yourself by tying your hair to the ponytail and divide it into individual strands that are wrapped around the hair elastic and fixed. A bit more complicated are the upholstered braids, and they are not impossible to make – more practice is the key in this case. Use hair lacquer or clips so that your hair does not have to be styled all the time.

Loose updos for everyday life

loose updo Dutt long hair

loose updos Dutt braids

simple updos classic bun

Updos themselves make Chognon an elegant look

Updos themselves make loose Duttfrisur

Updos tutorial loose hairstyle long hair summer

Updos Instructions in pictures foolproof hairband

loose updos medium-length hair

loose updo instructions

make loose updos Dutt itself

Updos make bun from a ponytail itself

High-set hair is the best option for festive occasions, they are perfect but also for everyday life. Above are creative ideas for casual and playful updos that just look gorgeous. You could do without hairstyling products at the same time, and at the same time attract everyone’s attention! Summer is coming soon, so it’s a good idea – especially for the long-haired ladies to try out different updos. What are you waiting for – make yourself a modern and stylish styling!

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