Give the canine freedom: construct canine kennels your self!
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Give the canine freedom: construct canine kennels your self!

Give the dog freedom: build dog kennels yourself!

Dog kennels are available for every taste and every budget. The market offers a wide choice: from dog pens made of steel or wood elements to solid wood pens. Here comes the question: buy the kennel or build yourself? What do you mean by individual kennel attitudes according to your own ideas? Freely designed dog kennels could look very different and give your dog pleasure. Take on this challenge by building the kennel yourself! Do not miss the opportunity! Here you will find the construction introduction!

Save money: build dog kennels yourself!

Build dog kennels yourself: take into account important criteria!

What is the difference between a kennel and a dog kennel?

While a doghouse is built and insulated mainly from wood, a dog kennel is more of a kind of enclosure. A dog kennel is a not uncontested accommodation for the dog. DIY dog kennels are a particularly good alternative when it is impossible to keep the dog in the house or apartment. So you can design the dog kennel so that it meets the needs of your dog properly. Who says pets should not enjoy the highest level of comfort? But! A cozy and homely dog ​​kennel gives the dog more freedom and a better life. So the kennel becomes a real living room with a garden! The dog would be grateful!

Lots of space for the four-legged friends!

Build dog kennels yourself: a real living room for the dog!

What should you watch out for when building a kennel?

Before you decide on an individual dog kennel, you must consider a few important criteria.

First measure the dog kennel! Your dog is too big? Then the floor area should vary between 12-16 square meters, so that the dog has the necessary freedom of movement. For large dogs a height of about 2 meters is recommended.

Make a blueprint!

Buy the necessary parts!

Choose the location! Avoid locations that are in bright sun or in drafty corners, so your dog feels really well.

Do not forget to check if your pet’s breed is suitable for outdoor keeping.

A not so easy task, right? If you enjoy the craftsmanship, then you could surprise with creativity and make a great shelter for your four-legged friends!

Pets should feel well!

Build dog kennels yourself for the well-being of your dog!

After you have considered the most important factors, you could start building.

What do you need for DIY?

14 wrapping sleeves for 10 x 10 cm squared timbers;

14 squared timbers: 220 x 10 x 10 cm;

15.5 m chain link fence: 2 m high;

160 metal staples for fixing the fence;

4 wooden boards: 195 x 10 x 2 cm;

6 wooden boards: 80 x 10 x 2 cm,

2 stable hinges and 2 sturdy bars;


You also need the following tools: hammer, sledgehammer; Measuring tape or folding rule; cordless screwdriver; Working gloves.

How can you build a dog kennel yourself?

Build a beautiful dog kennel yourself!

Here is the step by step construction manual!

Step 1: Set up the posts! Placing the squared timbers yields the vertical posts. Hit the pods in the ground! For the two long sides you need five sleeves, and two sleeves for the two short sides! Insert the squared timbers into the enveloping sleeves and secure!

Step 2: Fence the kennel! Mount the fence! Tighten it very tight, so that the kennel becomes safe and solid. After you have fixed the beginning of the fence with a distance of 10 cm, lead him to the next paw! Fix 20 cm with metal staple! The fence is already there!

Step 3: Build the door! Since the kennel needs a door, you have to attach one. Combine two 195 cm and two 80 cm long wooden boards into a frame! Mount a third 80 cm long wooden board in the middle of this frame. Repeat with the remaining wooden boards until two identical wooden frames are present. Cut this chain link fence into a 200 x 100 cm piece! Lay the fence on the lower wooden frame, cover it with the second wooden frame and then screw the two wooden frames together! Already finished the door! Now you have to screw them to the left post with the help of the hinges! For the door to be securely locked, it is necessary that the two latches are mounted on the opposite side.

Step 4: Set up the kennel! A simple enclosure already exists. But it is not enough that the dog feels comfortable in this kennel. Therefore insure an insulated dog kennel for the four-legged friends. Depending on your taste, you can set up the dog kennel. The dog is happy when he has his favorite toys or an old tree trunk for climbing. Food and water are of course a must.

Build dog kennels yourself: That’s how it works!

Step 1

Build dog kennels yourself: Step1

step 2

Build dog kennels yourself: Step 2

step 3

Build dog kennels yourself: Step3

Step 4

Build dog kennels yourself: Step 4

Step 5

Build dog kennels yourself: Step 5

Step 6

Build dog kennels yourself: Step 6

Step 7

Build dog kennels yourself: Step7

Step 8

Build dog kennels yourself: Step8

Step 9

Build dog kennels yourself: Step 9

Step 10

Build dog kennels yourself: Step10

Step 11

Build dog kennels yourself: Step11

Step 12

Build dog kennels yourself: Step 12

Step 13

Build dog kennels yourself: Step 13

Does not this dog kennel look very nice? You can afford it. Try to imitate this pattern or create a completely different one that suits your individual needs. More creative ideas for self-designed dog kennels you can look in the following gallery!

Give the dog more freedom!

How can you build dog kennels yourself?

How can you build dog kennels yourself?

Give your dog freedom: build dog kennels yourself!

Build a small dog kennel yourself!

Which dog breeds are suitable for building dog kennels yourself?

How to do this?

Generate generous dog kennel yourself!

Build dog kennels yourself: What you have to consider!

Build dog kennels yourself: What do you need for DIY!

Build dog kennels yourself: more beautiful living!

Build dog kennels yourself: Planning

Build or buy dog ​​kennels yourself!

Dog kennels build themselves to their own taste!

Build dog kennels yourself: Ideas!

Build dog kennels yourself: dogs will be happy!

Build dog kennels yourself: hard work!

Build dog kennels yourself for your four-legged friend!

Build dog kennels yourself: made of metal!

Build dog kennels yourself: made of wood!

How to build dog kennels yourself?

Build dog kennels yourself for the little dogs!

Dog kennels to build yourself is hard task!

Build a dog kennel yourself!

Save money: build dog kennels yourself!

Build a great dog kennel yourself!

Build a nice dog kennel yourself!

Build the dog kennel yourself!

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