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Gems That means and Symbolism

Gems Meaning and symbolism -Beauty, rarity, durability … These attributes attract us to the colored gems that are used for jewelry and that make precious and precious. The colored gems offer us the possibility of a clear personal expression.
Most colored gems owe their beauty to their color. Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red – we choose colored gemstones with beautiful colors that catch your eye. In certain color gemstones, the color occurs naturally – the satisfying hues are part of some grenades, for example. In other colored gems the final color is done with the help of fire. Ever since people wear rubies, we also know how to treat a coarse ruby ​​with heat to get a desired red color. Not all rubies are heat treated, but many.

Blue, green, yellow, red gems meaning

gemstones meaning akvamarin

The Gem Cutters are working to achieve a pleasant and affordable mix of color, weight (measured in carats) and a secure form for assembly. When created, the size of the gemstone is inherently limited. For example, while large and beautiful amethysts are readily available, a large size alexandrite is extremely rare.
The sparkle adds to the beauty of a well-cut colored gemstone. The cut of the gemstone describes how it is shaped and whether it is well formed. Some gemstones, like the opal, are suitable for smooth, rounded surfaces. Others, such as sapphire, are more often shaped with a precise series of flat symmetric planes called facets. Some tailors can even use convex or concave facets, forming the colored gems like little sculptures.

Gems a wonder of nature

The clarity of the colored gemstones adds to their beauty. Unless a gemstone is opaque and blocks the light. How the light moves through the gemstone – that’s what the beauty looks like. Some gems have no internal inclusions that interrupt the passage of light, as is the case with most pieces of tanzanite. Others tend to have characteristic inclusions, such as the emerald with a “jardine” (garden), which makes the emerald truly unique.

Ametist – wisdom creative thinking


Some gems bring luck, psychic power or even banish evil! There are traditional meanings and powers associated with the stones that many of us wear every day. Once you start learning the properties of the stones you love, it can affect your jewelry design.
The amethyst, for example, is associated with wealth and psychic powers. Some people believe that it promotes sobriety and recovery from addiction. The intense violet color has traditionally been linked to spirituality.

Aquamarine is associated with calmness, clarity of mind, and creative self-expression. It is believed to be soothing and to aid in meditation. Because of its color, the aquamarine is often linked to the sea goddesses.

The emerald has a positive effect on eyesight

gems meaning emerald krystal colombia
The Greeks associated the emerald with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. It is still connected to love and wealth. The emeralds are also associated with spiritual clarity, truth and self-knowledge. It is believed that they promote healing, balance and patience during depression and strengthen the immune system.

Gems meaning – Labradorite

gemstones meaning labradorite
– The smoky glow gives the Labradorite a mysterious beauty. This stone is linked to faith and destiny. It has traditionally been used to promote vision and mental ability. It is said that the Labradorites strengthen the intuition and help to improve the self-confidence through illusions. The Labradorites are sometimes associated with magic.
– At one time, it was believed that the pearls are the tears of the gods, therefore they symbolize innocence and purity in Western culture. They have strong female powers and are also linked to the water and the moon.

Gems Meaning – Ruby – the luckstone for love

gems meaning ruby

-The rubies are associated with wealth, joy, sexual energy and strength. It is believed that they generate passion and support the spiritual aspirations. At one time, it was thought that the rubies protect against misfortune, inspire courage and attract happiness.

Gems Meaning – Aquamarine

gems meaning aguamarin

gemstones meaning amethyst cacoxenite crystal

gemstones meaning amethyst gemstones meaning aquamarine

meaning aquamarine-2 gemstones

meaning aquamarine-3 gemstones

gemstones meaning australian sapphire

gems meaning rock crystal

gemstones meaning blatopas

gemstones meaning sapphire

gemstones meaning opal blue

gemstones meaning citrine

gemstones meaning opal gems meaning ubin-2

gems meaning safir

black opal

gemstones meaning sapphire paeline

gemstones meaning saphirs-de-ceylan

gems meaning emerald

black opal



gems meaning chalcedony

citrine raw stone


green stones


jasper beige drumstone

malachite raw stone

gemstones meaning moonstone

gemstones meaning rutile quartz

gemstones turquoise

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