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Gel nails with glitter – directions for DIY + 22 lovely concepts

Gel nails with glitter rainbow colors

Are you looking for great nail design ideas for the summer? In this article we show you how to make gel nails with glitter yourself! In addition to a simple guide, you will also find below 22 beautiful design ideas that can be used as a source of inspiration. Enjoy reading! We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Gel nails with glitter – great design ideas

Gel nails with glitter blue party look

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Nail art design Winter gel nails French

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Gel nails pattern French glitter

French nails gel lacquer nail art design summer 2016

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Nails pattern French glitter

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Nail art design Glitter French nails

Gel nails with glitter look really cool – look at the photos in this post to see for yourself! The glitter is available in many different colors and thus you can put impressive accents on your manicure, and even customize each fingernail individually. Maybe you have ever had gel nails done in the nail salon, and you have an idea of ​​how it works – apply at least three layers of special gel lacquer to the nails, which is then cured under UV light. As a result, the natural nails are strengthened and you get beautiful, shiny manicures that last for weeks. There are different sets on the market that contain everything you need to make gel nails, and below you will learn how to use the glitter with the gel to get the results you want.

Make gel nails with glitter yourself – instructions

Make gel nails with glitter yourself

Nailart gel nails glitter great ideas

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Nail art modern gel nails glitter

Nail art design 2016 gel nails French glitter

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Fingernails glitter rainbow colors

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Nail art French glitter

Nails modern design ideas with glitter

There are actually two ways to make gel nails with glitter. The first option is to mix the glitter with gel, which is used as a build-up or sealant layer. You could combine different colors and determine the amount of glitter itself – depending on the desired effect. This technique can be used if you want to make the entire nail surface with glitter. Otherwise, you should opt for the second option – apply a make coat in any color, and let it dry very well under the UV lamp. Then, with a little gel and a brush, design the chosen motif, and when finished, sprinkle the nails with glitter or dip your fingers in them. It will automatically stick to the gel and the nice result is guaranteed!

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