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Gel nails gallery and gel nail polish

As “gel nails” refers to the coating of fingernails with gel, which is then cured under a UV lamp. Of the gel nail polish is certainly long lasting and effective. Nowadays it is no longer a trend, but a must. But can the use of gel nail polish ä be like that? The help comes to the Advantages and disadvantages list of the gel nail polish and also our gel nails gallery.

insertion ung of the gel nail polish

Before the Yourself the Advantages and disadvantages It will be you briefly explains what you think about this type of paint and over his Need to know placement. First, the Nail plate in the desired shape be diluted , Dan Oh you have to push the cuticle aside. Remove the natural shine of nail s with a fine file. Then removed one the dust of the Dilution. The next step is the placement of several foundations and gels that make up the nail for gel nail polish to prepare. With the UV lamp gel nails and toenails can be cured easily. The light curing device is equipped with high gloss reflectors inside. There is no fading of the UV rays. Thereafter, the sticky layer is removed with a special liquid. Take the chosen color and bring your hands back to the UV lamp. Put a second coat of gel polish and do it twice more with an interval of 5 minutes. It is very good if you apply soothing oil for cuticles. At best, you would not visit a manicurist in the next two weeks.

Viewing values ​​gel nails gallery

French manicure in French French manicure, is a type of manicure of the fingernails, which is characterized by the white representation of the nail tip. The origin in France is different retold , Various sources speak of a relatively recent innovation of modern times. The design can with the help of easy staining of the nail tips with a nail white pencil or a coating of the nail tips done with white nail polish. A classic French manicure lasts only a few days. At the so-called continuously French manicure The design of the Frenchdesign is done with light-curing nail gels, which are then cured under the UV lamp. Another possibility is the use of the liquid and powder system acrylic. The nails are something non-perishable he and the result of this effort is much more durable.

Finished French manicures

gel nails gallery white

A white eye-catcher!

nails gallery hubsche

Pink gel nails with white tips and glitter:

nails gallery wedding

nails gallery blue

French ombre

nails gallery french

nails gallery black

gel nails gallery good

gel nails gallery important

gel nails gallery sample

gel nails gallery new

gel nails gallery commendable

Other unique role models:

gel nails gallery pink

gel nails gallery pink

nails gallery rose

gel nails gallery purple gel nails gallery glitter

gel nails gallery colorful

gel nails gallery rich

gel nails gallery good

gel nails gallery colorful

nails gallery hubsche

gel nails gallery contemplatively

nails gallery gold

nails gallery black

Make nails gallery

gel nails gallery purple

make nails gallery yourself

nails gallery dark

nails gallery blue

gel nails gallery orange

Wedding Nails

gel nails gallery long

nails gallery black

nails gallery ruby ​​red

gel nails gallery violet

gel nails gallery gray

nails gallery party

gel nails gallery red

gel nails gallery good

nails gallery blue

Benefits of the gel nail polish:

  • Of the gel nail polish is suitable for people with thin and brittle nails ,
  • Of the gel nail polish is durable. It is suitable for people who do not have time For to visit a manicurist to have.
  • With of the Help of gel nail polish could s Nails are extended. So you have a perfect manicure without weeks to wait, your nails to to grow ,

Disadvantages of the gel nail polish:

  • There are studies showing that the UV lamp at the Nails damages and the skin of the hands burns, making them look older i eh t.
  • Thinning the natural shine.
  • Gel nail polish costs 2-3 times more than a regular manicure.
  • Using gellac more than 7-8 times without “resting time” may damage the nail plate.
  • It will be better if you do not smear your hands on the calendar day of the modeling!
  • Never use your nails as a working tool.
  • Please wear household gloves not only at home but also during gardening.
  • Have only acetone-free nail polish remover in use.
  • Never cut your nails with scissors, but with the right file.

I hope that with the help of this gel nails gallery you will soon become the proud owner of your new gel nails! In the end I wish you much success and real pleasure during the procedure and please note the preconceived opinion of the experts!

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