Gabion wall as a gorgeous ornament component within the backyard
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Gabion wall as a gorgeous ornament component within the backyard

high gabion wall screen in the outdoor area

Gabion wall as a modern and practical design element in the garden is becoming increasingly popular today. This original alternative to the conventional one garden wall Not only does it visually enhance the exterior, it also provides more privacy by ensuring good privacy. But gabion walls also have other advantages and a variety of uses, which is attributed to their increasing popularity. If you want to know more, read on!

To visually upgrade the outside area

the gabion wall as a privacy screen

Gabion wall attractive look

low gabion stone wall

Gabion wall blue glass

original gabion wood wall

Gabion wall wood attractive design ideas

Gabion wall planted from natural stone

Gabion wall planted

high gabion wall made of concrete

Garden landscaping gabion wall

In principle, the gabions are special wire containers in different shapes that can be filled with all kinds of materials – for example, stone, wood or glass – depending on your personal preferences. The stacked gabions have a variety of applications – it can be used to build gabion walls, decorative fences, benches, flower beds or even different accents in the interior. They are widely used also in the field of modern architecture – for example, as part of house facades, the gabions look really original. Because of their weight and ability to conform to the ground, the gabion designs require no additional attachment.

Gabion wall as a modern and practical solution for every garden

Gabion wall as a design element in the outdoor area

Gabion wall in colored glass attractive look

Gabion wall entrance

Gabion wall dark stone original design

Gabion wall different stone types

Gabion wall stone original garden design

high gabion wall privacy in the outdoor area

interesting gabion wall made of wood

Gabion wall original combination between wood and stone

Gabion wall stone classic look

From an aesthetic point of view, a gabion wall is a wonderful solution for any garden. Filled with stones or other materials, it can quickly become an original outdoor accent. And best of all, each gabion wall can be custom designed, making it truly attractive and unique. The decorative walls of gabions are also practical – as stated above, they provide the privacy of your privacy. Furthermore, they also guarantee a good wind and noise protection – for example, if you live near a busy street, such a protective wall is simply the ideal solution for you! These types of structures are also much cheaper, compared to the traditional walls – especially if you fill the wire baskets yourself with stones, you can save a lot of money. Actually, the gabions alone are not expensive at all. The cost can increase or decrease depending on the filling.

Benefits of gabion walls

Gabion wall modern look

attractive gabion wall with shells

Gabion wall made of natural stone classic design

Gabion wall design ideas

original design gabion wall

Gabion wall as a screen in the garden area

classic gabion stone wall

Gabion wall stone

attractive garden design gabion wall

Gabion wall and waterfall

Gabion walls, however, also have other advantages – for example, their assembly is really child’s play and they do not need special knowledge to do it themselves. These types of walls are also extremely stable, durable, extremely durable and resistant to frost, earth movements and any changes in soil conditions. The gabions as a design element in the garden are both qualitative and environmentally friendly – if you use, for example, as a filling natural stone odr recycled concrete. Gabion walls also impress me with their natural look and the ability to integrate perfectly with the natural environment, making them a high-quality deco element for any garden.

Application areas and functions

Gabion stone wall classic

original gabion wall made of two types of stone

Gabion wall made of gravel

high Gabion stone wall original design ideas

attractive wooden gabion wall

A gabion wall can perform different functions on the outside – for example, it is increasingly being chosen as an alternative to the traditional wooden fence. The traditional protective wall can also be successfully replaced by this and as a view and wind protection for the terrace, the gabion walls are just perfect. The use of this type of building is particularly modern today as partitions to distinguish the different areas in the garden – for example, the lawn from the vegetable garden or the front garden from the terrace. Such a wall can even separate its own plot from those in the neighborhood.

Numerous design options

Gabion wall of pebbles

Gabion stone wall classic design

modern Gabion stone wall

Gabion wall natural stone landscaping

Gabion wall built step by step

When it comes to filling the gabion wall, you have a great deal of freedom. It is not obligatory to select the classic variant with stones. A mix of different materials – for example colored glass, stones, moss and sparkling lights – can also look really attractive. Another original idea is to combine different types of stones. The wood-filled variants look natural and look very attractive, while the glass infill impresses with its modern look. The variety of possibilities is actually huge, but the most important thing is that you follow your personal wishes and ideas. Then the result will be unique!

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