Fuel fireplaces - 50 concepts for a comfy atmosphere
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Fuel fireplaces – 50 concepts for a comfy atmosphere

gas fireplaces-Spartherm-DRU gas fireplace Metro 130XT-3-RCH

The gas fires look pretty much like the electrical ones and can very successfully mimic a wood burning fireplace. When sitting in front of the fireplace it is hard to guess if it works with gas or electricity.
The difference between these two types is the gas system installed to allow burning. The gas burner is clad in a cast-iron body with fire-resistant glass and the fireplace creates an illusion of burning logs or charcoal made of heat-resistant ceramic.

Gas fireplaces with modern design as a decorative element in the interior

It is human nature to long for warmth and peaceful relaxation beside the fire. The mystical energy of fire is captured in gorgeous gas fireplace designs that not only fulfill this dream for many people, but also bring a stylish decorative element into the home. Modern gas fireplaces are equipped with a temperature control system of combustion, safety sensors for gas pressure, gas leakage and so on. Some designs feature a chimney stack while others offer ventless gas fireplace designs. The latter are gaining in popularity as the ventless gas fireplaces offer greater flexibility and are relatively easy to install in any room. Ventless chimneys that work with gas are based on indoor air for combustion, and they exhaust a very low level of combustion gases into the room. Free-standing fireplaces are, as a rule, ventless.

The gas fireplaces add warmth to the interior design

The advantages of a gas fireplace

Modern gas fireplace designs offer a high level of safety because the regulations are very strict. The fuel is relatively cheap and if you are connected to a central gas supply, you need no storage space for wood or coal. The maintenance is virtually zero, since you do not need to clean any ashes and coal, if at all, then you just have to clean the chimney. A gas fireplace has a high degree of safety because all processes are controlled automatically and, moreover, there are no open flames or sparks which, as a rule, could lead to a fire. Gas fires are cost-effective in terms of fuel consumption. Last but not least, they are pretty easy to install and operate.

The gas mine adds a romantic touch to the living room

gas fireplaces

When choosing an indoor fireplace for your home, it is important that it provides the necessary thermal output and flame display to match the size and style of your room. Since a fireplace will always be the focus of attention, it should be beautiful, efficient and easy to use. Escea gas fireplaces combine innovative contemporary design with the highest quality and offer a wide selection of models. Escea gas fireplaces are synonymous with minimalist modern sophisticated style and design. Indoor-outdoor-flow is very important for many people who want to make the most of their urban gardens. Many city dwellers would like to relax in their outdoor space on colder days and not just use the swimming pool in the summer. A covered patio and an outdoor fireplace can be a good place to start to make this option possible.

The fireplace sets a great decorative accent in the interior

Flair and comfort gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces fit in perfectly with contemporary interior designs

gas fireplaces

Fireplace look even without wood

Never before has a gas fireplace been so much like a real wood fire

A two-sided fireplace is ideal for open plan spaces

TV fireplace, is with integrated gas fireplace

The fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere in the dining room gas fireplaces

A real backdoor for every apartment

The gas fireplaces are equipped with a patented safety system, which prevents overpressure in the chimney.

Gas fireplaces – not just decoration

Are you looking for inspiration? gas fireplaces

Dream ambience for connoisseurs who do not want to give up the romantic atmosphere of a fireplace

Fireplace inserts in a variety of forms

The gas fireplaces are a comfortable alternative to the classic Holzscheitbetrieb

Gas Chimneys - Leapy Development

Dream ambiance at the touch of a button

The gas mine provide a log fire even without wood

Gas fireplaces Romantic

The gas fires have a very high efficiency

Wood fire look gas fireplaces

Beautiful and romantic atmosphere of a fireplace

environmentally friendly operation

Modern gas fireplaces

Modern gas fireplaces are an attractive alternative to classic wood firing

The gas fireplace offers more uses

The gas fireplaces on the rise - advantages and disadvantages

The gas fireplaces always have a secure connection

Safe connection to the natural gas or the propane gas tank

If you can do without the crackling and the smell of burning logs, then you've come to the right place with the gas fireplace

Advantages of the gas fireplace

at a gas fireplace i. d. R. a so-called LAS chimney (air exhaust system) required

Significantly less dirt

gas stove experience

Gas fireplace insert, front fireplace, closed combustion;

Gas burning cell, front amine; closed combustion; Nominal heat output: with natural gas

Gas fireplace insert, 3 sided fireplace

Gas fireplaces certainly provide heating power, so they are not just decoration.

Lifestyle furniture gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces without chimney

The closed, room air dependent gas fireplace

wood burning fireplace gas fireplaces

gas fireplace prices

Wood burning fireplace

no fine dust gas fireplaces

Heating power gas fireplaces

alternative fuels gas fireplaces

Gas fireplace living room

Ventilation gas fireplaces

nice gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces in Germany

sets new standards in the closed gas fireplace market

Flame play gas fireplaces

Design of the fireplace gas fireplace

Enjoy the heat of gas fireplaces

Comfortable and clean gas fireplace

moody flame picture

The big advantage is that they produce virtually no fine dust during gas combustion

Decorative gas fireplaces with closed combustion system

real flame picture

high quality gas fireplaces for terrace, balcony or garden

Modern corner fireplace with gas fire, closed

A suitable alternative to the wood burning fireplace gas fireplace

not only decoration purpose

Design variants and versions gas fireplaces

La dolce vita – in the evening to light the gas fireplace

For people who love the atmosphere of the fireplace fire gas fireplace

Holzhöfen gas fireplaces

The urban living connoisseur who still does not want to give up the beautiful and romantic atmosphere of a fireplace

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