Front room design: trendy concepts in four furnishing types
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Front room design: trendy concepts in four furnishing types

Living room design ideas in 4 different furnishing styles

The living room is usually the room where you spend most of your free time during the working week. In the living room, after a long and exhausting day of work, we relax by watching TV or just talking to the spouse and the children, and we invite our friends to come as well. The living room fulfills several functions, so its decoration is not an easy task – it should be both comfortable and stylish. In this article we introduce you to the peculiarities of four modern furnishing styles. The descriptions and beautiful photos may give you an idea of ​​how to design your own living room. Enjoy reading!

Living room design: the peculiarities of the industrial style

Living room design modern design. Concrete look industrial style

Living room industrial chic ceiling design

Living room design elegant interior in industrial style

Living room design two armchairs and sofa leather upholstery

Living room frame long sofa gray upholstery brick wall

Living room make original steel staircase industrial style

Living room design Chic industrial-style rocking chair original lamps

Living room design ideas and inspirations industrial style

The industrial furnishing style has been in the field of interior design before the end of the XX. Century and so far he has not lost its popularity. This style is not only suitable for the apartments in the city – it is particularly functional and practical, so it is not worth renouncing, even if you live in the countryside. Some important rules have to be considered if you want to design your living room in an industrial style: the room should look as puristic as possible and not overloaded; the furniture with shiny metal surfaces is to be preferred; Do not miss out on decorations with urban flair – for example, large stainless steel lamps or themed wallpaper depicting the urban landscape.

Living room design: cozy ambience in country house style

Living room design gorgeous design country style

Living room design country style gorgeous look

Living room style country style contrasting colors fireplace

Living room design Country style color scheme white elegantly stylish

Living room design contrasting colors Black and white elegant country style

Living room style country style neutral colors

Living rooms create original design in country house style

Living room style long house style neutral colors accent wall wood

Living room design country style coffee table original two old suitcases

Living room style country style with vintage elements

If coziness and comfort come first for you, make your living room in country house style! Compared to other furnishing styles, the real classic is that would never lose its popularity. For the country-style furnishing, the massive wood furniture is typical (you can choose Ratan furniture too – they are not that expensive), as well as the warm color scheme – nuances like lemon yellow, light green and orange will give your living room a cozy and inviting look. The country-style decorations are also of great importance – colorful cushions and blankets, original curtains, beautiful lamps made of smithery, etc. Let your imagination run wild and skillfully combine colors and patterns by not forgetting the guiding principle of this style – Convenience!

The simple elegance of the Scandinavian style

Living room decorate gray wall paint decorations Scandinavian style

Living room design Scandinavian furnishing style rocking chair parquet floor

Living room design Scandinavian style color scheme white accents in purple

Living room design scandinavian accent wall mural stones

Living rooms create neutral colors of Scandinavian style

Living room design elegant and functional decor Scandinavian style

Living room design Scandinavian style deco elements images

Living rooms create the simple elegance of the Scandinavian style

Living room Scandinavian comfortable sofa frame colorful pillows

Living room design scandinavian style

Living room design Scandinavian style pastel colors original lamp

For some years, the Scandinavian style is really hip and that is not accidental. The Scandinavian interior is at the same time practical, elegant and comfortable, and its basic principle is: “Less is more!” Characteristic of the living room in the Scandinavian style are: natural materials – especially wood, neutral color scheme – in the interior dominate colors such as white, black, Gray and beige and soft upholstered furniture. Ideally, the “Scandinavian” living room is bright and spacious, so you should provide extra lighting if the light access is restricted – for example, with small windows. So that the interior does not look impersonal, set some original accents – beautiful pictures or photos, carpet with an attractive pattern, colorful cushions … The so-called “intelligent” furniture that can fulfill several functions, for this Stirichtung also typical – for example A sofa that can turn into a bed, or a coffee table that easily becomes a dining table. Have a look at the pictures above and you’ll fall in love with the Scandinavian interior!

Extravagant decor in oriental style

Living room create gorgeous look oriental Moroccan style

Living room design Moroccan style

Living room design exotic look Moroccan style

Living room decorate oriental touch Moroccan furnishing style

Living room Moroccan style chandelier original oriental lantern

Living room designed successful combination Moroccan style modern decor

Living Room Moroccan Style Flash Colors Lantern Lights Gorgeous Look

Living room design stairs Moroccan style magical look

Living room Moroccan style ottoman style upholstered coffee table

Living room design modern design accents in Moroccan style

Do you have the desire to make your living room extravagant and courageous? Then the Moroccan furnishing style is just for you! Morocco was and still is a multicultural country, and this is also reflected in the field of interior design. The Moroccan decor is rich, vibrant, exciting and inspired by many different sources. Characteristic of this are the variety of colors, shapes and patterns, the rich decorations – for example, the typical for Morocco lantern lights, the soft Persian carpets and comfortable Ottomans. The strong oriental touch gives the interior an exotic and even mystical look. The Moroccan style can also be interpreted in a modern way – the photos above can give you an idea.

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