From principle to follow: Textile design college students dare
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From principle to follow: Textile design college students dare

Textile design facility

Plaunen students of the Faculty of Applied Arts – Field of study Textile Art / Textile Design – in Schneeberg had the opportunity to try their theoretical knowledge in practice. By the end of the 6th semester, they have now presented the results. The task was to design different motifs for panel curtains and other home textiles. They supported not only the professors of the faculty in Schneeberg, which belongs to the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, but also two Saxon companies – the Sensuna GmbH, manufacturer of pleats, panel curtains and roller blinds and the online shop for textile sun protection products RolloExpress.

Textile design - roller blinds and pendants in different patterns and colors

As early as March of this year, the students, together with their professors Annerose Schulze and Jörg Steinbach, visited the two companies and came up with an idea of ​​the processes leading up to the manufacture and shipping of the individual products. Michael Knauth, Managing Director of the company Rollo Express , guided the students through the company, explained the key processes and answered many questions. He has been working for years for the closer work of universities and companies – especially in the field of design.

Students explore textile design

Textile design - Roller blinds in furniture

Meanwhile, the 6th Semester has mastered and the work under the motto “A blind is rarely alone” are ready and ready to be included in the range of the two companies. In the future, the customers of the company Sensuna GmbH and the online shop RolloExpress should get the opportunity to order a window hanging with a motif designed by the students. The students themselves decide which motives it will be, as the artistic view and assessment of what the customer finds appealing is also the focus of the project. A wonderful opportunity for RolloExpress to offer its Lysel Sliding curtains in the standard dimension to extend customized sensuna® panel curtains. At the beginning of August, Michael Knauth got a first impression of the students’ work. He was able to convince himself of the ingenuity and the sure feeling for colors, patterns and fabrics on site in Schneeberg.

Textile design ideas
Textile design for the windows

Textile design for the windows

Window blind - textile design with color

Textile design window design

Solid design

Window roller blind in color

Textile design for children's room

Textile design for children's room

Textile design for children's room

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