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four ideas and tips for a captivating 80s celebration!

Why not celebrate a party from the 80s, although they are long gone? In this way, you can immerse yourself in old memories and at the same time have fun with friends and family. In order for you to create a real 80s party atmosphere, you not only want it, but also organization and planning. That’s why we’ve chosen some inspirational ideas for you so you can organize a glamorous party!

Find the perfect place for an 80s party 80s party at home

80s party big

Eighties party happy

First of all, you should think about where you will invite your guests. If only a few guests are present, then you are welcome to celebrate at home. If you have a terrace or summer garden, then you have the perfect solution in front of you! Renting an empty room is also not a bad idea if you do not have enough space at home but still feel like you have more than one guest.

Step 2 – the invitations

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After you’ve already selected the room, it’s time for the invitations. You can buy these from a close-by shop or even make and decorate the invitations yourself. Music cassettes, magic cubes, smiling faces and much more could stand on it. Imagine a creative and funny caption or just find something ready on the internet. The important thing is that the text should be appealing enough to interest your guests.

Do not disregard the decoration 80s party colorful

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80s party wild

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You should take enough time to decorate a real 80s party. It does not have to be that you spend a lot of money on it. You can make them yourself or buy them ready or even get old things out of the basement and decorate the room with them. Posters with well-known old films or favorite singers are a creative idea for an 80s deco. You can enhance the party atmosphere by hanging colorful garlands everywhere.

Recipes for the 80s party table Decorated 80s party

80s party colorful

80s party wild

80s party delicious

80s party organized

80s party creative

80s party exciting

80s party colorful

80s party stylish

80s party canceled

80s party organized

80s party planned

80s party class

In the 80s, the liqueurs were particularly popular. Pretty popular at this time was Amaretto. Served with cream in a cognac glass was the favorite drink of many people. Frequently drunk were also coastal fog, Capri sun (non-alcoholoic) and malt beer. You do not have to worry so much about food. The 80s were times for dancing, drinking and flirting. At the parties there was not so much time to eat, so great menus are not worthwhile either. Cold finger food is a practical and delicious solution – popcorn is especially popular at parties, mini sandwiches, pretzel sticks, tortilla with vegetables and cheese, salmon bruschetta, cupcakes and much more, depending on your own taste.


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